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Public Shared Function *( _ ByVal firstOperand As Integer, _ ByVal secondOperand As Integer) _ As Integer
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The .NET Framework provides an object-oriented approach to regular expression pattern matching and replacement. The Framework Class Library (FCL) namespace System.Text.RegularExpressions is the home to all the .NET Framework objects associated with regular expressions. The central class for regular expression support is Regex, which provides methods and properties for working with regular expressions, the most important of which are shown in Table 15-3.
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19.4.5 Managing the state
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Introducing the Android SDK Exploring the development environment Building an Android application in Eclipse Debugging applications in the Android emulator
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Creating a Real-World Application
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installation, you ll also need JDK version 5.0 or later to complete commandline application builds. Creating sophisticated automated builds of Android applications is beyond the scope of this book, but you can learn more about the topic of build scripts by reading Ant in Action: Second Edition of Java Development with Ant, by Steve Loughran and Erik Hatcher, found at http:// Assuming there are no errors in the source files, your classes and UI files will compile correctly. But what needs to happen before your project can be run and tested in the Android emulator
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// every console app starts with Main System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");
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User user = (User) session.get(User.class, userid); BillingDetails bd = user.getDefaultBillingDetails(); System.out.println( bd instanceof CreditCard ); // Prints "false" CreditCard cc = (CreditCard) bd; // ClassCastException!
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Server-Side Class
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Ant itself is not a Java compiler; it simply contains a fa ade over compilers such as Sun s javac. You need a Java compiler such as the JDK javac compiler. See appendix A for installation and configuration information in order to use <javac>.
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It is possible with GD::Graph to draw line charts, point charts also referred to as scatter graphs or a chart with both lines and points. One is hard pressed to proffer a general rule for when these types of charts are used, because they can be used for almost anything, even when a bar or area chart could have been more appropriate.
FullTextQuery setResultTransformer (ResultTransformer) FullTextFilter enableFullTextFilter(String)
class is retrieved from the database by its primary key, like with Session.get( ) or Session.load( ). The mapping definition for the <loader> element is shown here:
<div class="toggle" onclick="return;" toggled="true">
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