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book about it if it were easy. But despite all the complex technology, it is this simple word, type, which causes the most confusion. You will likely experience some angst throughout this book each time you read it. The problem: it s too general. Not only does it refer to these core elements of the CTS, but it is also used when talking about just the Visual Basic-specific value types (more often called the Visual Basic data types ). The nickname for structures is user-defined types, yet another confusing use of type. Programmers who used Visual Basic before its .NET incarnation also remember Type as the language statement used to create user-defined types. Arrrgh! Microsoft should have used some word other than type for the world of classes, interfaces, enumerations, and so on. Banana would have been a better choice since it is only sometimes used to discuss software. But type is the word, so you better get used to seeing it. I will try to include as much context as possible when using the word throughout this volume. The members of a type usually consist of simple data fields and code procedures, but you can also include other types as members. That is, a class can include a nested class if it needs to. Only certain types support nesting see 8 for details. I also talk about access levels in that chapter. Each member has an access level that says what code can use that member. There are five access levels, ranging from public (anybody and their brother can use the member) to private (you have to be inside the type to even know it s there). 6 discusses the .NET type system in greater detail, including the information you crave on classes, structures, and other bananas.
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Access text box element Attach event handler
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The main application reads the XML file, and constructs an in-memory representation of the indexes, lists, and pictures that need to be created, which will be represented by Perl classes. Each of these classes will create a part of the output needed for the photo album. The Picture::Index class is responsible for managing the lists and creating the output for the indexes, with the help of the other classes. The Picture::List class is responsible for managing the individual photos and their order. The Picture class represents a single picture with all its associated information, and is responsible for the creation of the HTML pages that display a single photo, as well as the creation of the web versions of the photos from the source images.
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var container = WindsorBootstrapper.Container; var controllerFactory = new WindsorControllerFactory(container); ControllerBuilder.Current.SetControllerFactory(controllerFactory);
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var currentValueSelected = -1; var bNoResults = false; var isTiming = false;
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Question 15-4. What is the purpose of escape characters Give two examples. Question 15-5. What are verbatim strings Question 15-6. What does it mean that strings are immutable Question 15-7. What are the two ways to concatenate strings Question 15-8. What does Split( ) do Question 15-9. Why would you use the StringBuilder class instead of a string, and how do you create a string with one Question 15-10. What are regular expressions
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15.2.2 Exposing a service to the outside world
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PdfReader reader = new PdfReader(src); PdfStamper stamper = new PdfStamper(reader, new FileOutputStream(dest)); Document.compress = false; int total = reader.getNumberOfPages() + 1; for (int i = 1; i < total; i++) { reader.setPageContent(i, reader.getPageContent(i)); } stamper.close(); Document.compress = true;
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The first listener, locationListenerGetBuoyData, implements the onLocationChanged method C. In that method you get the latitude and longitude from the Location sent in the callback D. You then use the data to create a GeoPoint E after multiplying the latitude and longitude by 1 million (1e6). You need to multiply by a million because GeoPoint requires microdegrees for coordinates. A separate class, LocationHelper, defines this constant and provides other location utilities; you can view this class in the code download for this chapter. After you have the data, you update the map F using a helper method that resets a map Overlay; you ll see this method s implementation in the next section. In the second listener, locationListenerRecenterMap, you perform the different task of centering the map G. The need for two separate listeners becomes clear when you see how listeners are registered with the requestLocationUpdates method of the Location-Manager class. You register the first listener, locationListenerGetBuoyData, to fire only when the new device location has moved a long way from the previous one H. The defined distance is 185,000 meters. (We chose this number to stay just under 100 nautical miles, which is the radius you ll use to pull buoy data for your map; you don t need to redraw the buoy data on the map if the user moves less than 100 nautical miles.) You register the second listener, locationListenerRecenterMap, to fire more frequently; the map view recenters if the user moves more than 1,000 meters I. Using separate listeners like this allows you to fine-tune the event processing, rather than having to build in your own logic to do different things based on different values with one listener. Keep in mind that your registration of LocationListener instances could become even more robust by implementing the onProviderEnabled and onProviderDisabled methods. Using those methods and different providers, you could provide useful messages to the user and also provide a graceful fallback through a set of providers; for example, if GPS becomes disabled, you could try the network provider instead. You should carefully use the time parameter to the requestLocationUpdates method. Requesting location updates too frequently (less than
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Overall, notification programming tends to have four steps:
I ll conclude this book with some observations about design patterns and where they are heading.* As we have seen, a design pattern is a formal mechanism of documenting solutions to reoccurring software design problems. Christopher Alexander first introduced the concept of design patterns in civil architecture in 1977; they were later adapted to software design. The academic and commercial interest in software design patterns has grown dramatically over the last few years, and design patterns have been cataloged by a number of researchers. Design patterns are mostly seen as solutions to software design issues. They are, of course, not the only solution to software design, and they should not be used to the exclusion of all others. Component-based design, software architecture, aspectoriented programming, and refactoring also have a place. Viewed against the larger
list. (We don t have to change the Item class; the types we used earlier for the bag are the same.) If the collection is [fooimage1.jpg, fooimage1.jpg, fooimage2.jpg], the POSITION column contains the values 0, 1, and 2, as shown in figure 6.3. Alternatively, we could use a Java array instead of a list. Hibernate supports this usage; indeed, the details of an array mapping are virtually identical to those of a list. However, we very strongly recommend against the use of arrays, since arrays can t be lazily initialized (there is no way to proxy an array at the virtual machine level). Now, suppose that our images have user-entered names in addition to the filenames. One way to model this in Java would be to use a Map, with names as keys and filenames as values. Using a map Mapping a <map> (pardon us) is similar to mapping a list:
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