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As we said, if you looked at only these criteria, EJB would seem the obvious choice. This EJB application is a potential solution. EJB best practices indicate that you should perform all client access through session beans, not entity beans, and that you should use EJB 2 container-managed persistence (CMP) entity beans to store data in a database. So, we will define a session bean fa ade with a single method: logMessage (int severity, String message). This fa ade will then create a CMP entity bean through that bean s local interface and set the log severity and message. That s it. As we examine the implementation in table 2.1, we quickly see we are holding a sledgehammer. This simple task requires that we author as many as ten (yes, ten) files, including two configuration files and a simple test class. The existence of the configuration files and the complexity is dependent on your application server; our test class represents what the application code in a servlet, a Swing GUI, or another client environment would have to incorporate to interact with this logging component if no extra levels of abstraction were put in place. We chose to use WebLogic as our application server, but most other application servers have similar configuration requirements. You could simplify this test application by putting a generic interface in front of our session bean, but the purpose of this discussion is to analyze the complexity involved in an inappropriate use of EJB, not to demonstrate ways to hide that complexity. Additionally, bear in mind that adding such an interface would add at least one file to our picture, making the EJB solution even larger. With these goals in mind, take a look at the breakdown of the example Logging EJB in table 2.1.
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16.3.2 Adding a custom static route
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The where clause is used to perform the relational operation of restriction on rows. The having clause performs restriction on groups. For example, the next query counts users with each last name that begins with A:
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The version number is just a counter value it doesn t have any useful semantic value. The additional column on the entity table is used by your Hibernate application. Keep in mind that all other applications that access the same database can (and probably should) also implement optimistic versioning and utilize the same version column. Sometimes a timestamp is preferred (or exists):
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If you get an OptmisticLockException in your application, there is no way to recover, and it probably makes sense to retrieve a fresh copy of the entity and try to reapply the changes. To summarize, if you use the right locking strategy your application won t suffer from consistency issues. If you are trying to implement vendor-specific pessimistic locking, you may have performance issues and we suggest you use optimistic locking instead. This brings an end to our discussion on locking strategies for entities. It s important that a locking strategy be in place for your applications, and that it be clearly communicated to the development team especially when there is any turnover within the team. Now that we ve put locking strategies in perspective, let s turn our attention to how you can tune the performance of entities in your EJB 3 applications.
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You read this as theClock s OnSecondChange delegate adds an anonymous delegate defined by this lambda expression. The two parameters, aClock and ti, go to the WriteLine expression that writes out the hour and minute and second from ti. The two input parameters, aClock and ti, are of type Clock and TimeInfoEventArgs, respectively. You don t need to specify their types, because the C# compiler infers their type from the OnSecondChange delegate definition. If the compiler is unable to infer the type of your operands, you may specify them explicitly, like this:
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2.3.2 The stateless bean client
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We use the <many-to-one> element to declare the association to Item, and we use the <property> mappings to declare the extra association-related information. The link table now has four columns: CATEGORY_ID, ITEM_ID, USERNAME, and DATE_ADDED. The columns of the CategorizedItem properties should never be null: otherwise we can t identify a single link entry, because they re all part of the table s primary key. You can see the table structure in figure 6.11. In fact, rather than mapping just the username, we might like to keep an actual reference to the User object. In this case, we have the following ternary association mapping:
If you click OK, you ll see the effective permissions for Administrator on that folder (Figure 11-5). You can scroll the scroll bar to prove it for yourself, but you can see that even Administrator cannot actually access your folder! (This is not, of course, strictly true. Administrators can take ownership of the folder and mess with the permissions themselves, but they cannot access the folder without changing the permissions first.) Try again with your own user ID. You will see results similar to Figure 11-6 we have full control. Scroll the list and you ll see that everything is ticked. What if we wanted not quite full control Say we wanted to deny the ability to write extended attributes to the file. Well, we can update our code and add a second FileSystemAccessRule. Example 11-16 shows the additional code required.
Using a discriminator column with an any association
Autom ating the build process
In the most general sense, the term object-relational mapping means any process that can save an object (in our case a Java Object) into a relational database. As we mentioned, for all intents and purposes you could write home-brewed JDBC code to do that. In the realm of automated persistence, ORM means using primarily configuration metadata to tell an extremely high-level API which tables a set of Java Objects are going to be saved into. It involves the hopefully simple act of figuring out what table row an Object instance should be saved into and what field/ property data belongs in what column. In EJB 3, the configuration metadata obviously consists either of annotations or deployment descriptor elements, or both. As our impedance mismatch discussion points out, there are a few wrinkles in the idealistic view of automated persistence. Because of the inherent complexity of the problem, EJB 3 cannot make the solution absolutely effortless, but it goes a long way in making it less painful. In the next section, we start our discussion of EJB 3 ORM by covering the simple case of saving an entity without regard to domain relations or inheritance.
You don t want to use this example as a template in your own application, because you should hide the exception handling with generic infrastructure code. You can, for example, write a single error handler for RuntimeException that knows when and how to roll back a transaction. The same can be said about opening and closing a Session. We discuss this with more realistic examples later in the next chapter and again in chapter 16, section 16.1.3, The Open Session in View pattern. Hibernate throws typed exceptions, all subtypes of RuntimeException that help you identify errors:
Listing 13.18 Code for the Product class
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