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Option(s) Function The location of your JavaFX Script source code (mandatory). The location of dependencies, extra JAR files your code relies on. The location of resources, extra data, and image files your code relies on. The directory to write the output. The temporary directory to use when building the output. Print useful (debugging) information during the packaging process. Which environment to target. Either DESKTOP or MOBILE (desktop includes applets). Meta information about the application: its name, creator s name, and version. The startup class name, including package prefix (mandatory). Application width and height (particularly useful for applets). Codebase of where the application is hosted, if available on the web. This is the base address of where the JNLP , JAR, and other files are located.
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Figure 12.2 Our reworked build process
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SOAP Client
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Selection Controls
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The method checks to see if an instance of the entry form has already been created. If not, a new instance of the form will be created and its reference will be stored in the variable. With the reference to the entry form (whether existing or newly created), the application makes the form visible by invoking the Display class s method setCurrent(Displayable nextDisplayable).
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Listing 10.6 Code-behind for Silverlight web search application XAML page
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Write a program to determine and output to the screen the number of times the word the occurs in the string. Exercise 15-4. Take the following string:
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def rect = Rectangle { width: sceneWidth; height: sceneHeight; fill: Color.BLACK; onMouseMoved: function(ev:MouseEvent) { def t:Long = System.currentTimeMillis(); if((t-lastDropTime) > 200) { drop[currentDrop].color = Color shift our colorShifts[0].color; raindrops drop[currentDrop] .start(ev.x,ev.y); currentDrop =
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In chapter 3, you learned that the origin of the coordinate system can usually be found in the lower-left corner of the page. For an A4 page in portrait orientation, the upper-right corner has the coordinates (595,842). We amended this in chapter 5, where you created a superhero PDF with page size A0 with the origin of the coordinate system centered in the middle of the page. Figure 14.4 is similar. The origin of the coordinate system is marked by two lines, where Y = 0 (the X axis) and X = 0 (the Y axis). To this page, the same logo was added six times using the method addTemplate (template, 0, 0). However, the template is added at a different places and the shape changes. It looks translated, scaled, skewed, and rotated because the current transformation matrix is changed. This shows how it is done. Figure 14.4 The current transformation matrix
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message.setData(bundle); handler.sendMessage(message);
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Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur Arthur is is is is is is at at at at at at (0,0) and is pointing at angle 0.00 radians. (0,10) and is pointing at angle 0.00 radians. (0,10) and is pointing at angle 0.00 radians. (0,-15) and is pointing at angle 0.00 radians. (0,-15) and is pointing at angle 0.00 radians. (0,-18.5355339059327) and is pointing at angle 0.00 radians.
(x) x.y x->y f(x) a[x] x++ x new typeof sizeof checked unchecked stackalloc + - ! ~ ++x x (T)x *x &x * / % + << >> < > <= >= is as == != & ^ | && || : = *= /= %= += -= <<= >>= &= ^= |=
For the purposes of this example and to keep the code simple, you ll focus on the user interface and the steps needed to wire up its various controls. The final application UI is shown in Figure 18-7. The user interface for FileCopier consists of the following controls: Labels (Source Files, Target Files, and Status). Buttons (Clear, Copy, Delete, and Cancel). An Overwrite if exists checkbox. A text box displaying the path of the selected target directory. TreeView controls (source and target directories). You may not be familiar with the term TreeView, but you ve almost certainly seen them before. Windows uses them to indicate hierarchical structures, such as the arrangement of files and directories in Windows Explorer. All of these controls are available in the General section of the Toolbox, and you can simply drag them onto the form, as you ll see in a minute. The goal is to allow the user to check files (or entire directories) in the left TreeView (the source). If the user clicks the Copy button, the files checked on the left side will be copied to the target directory specified on the right-side TreeView control. If the user clicks Delete the checked files will be deleted.
Let s start with a clean slate and create a new Ajax-enabled website from Visual Studio (see chapter 1 for an example). Selecting this option updates the web.config file with all the settings and references you need to get going. The next step is to add a local web service to the site. You can accomplish this by choosing the Web Service option in the Add New Item dialog (see figure 5.1). To keep everything in one place and for clarity, deselect the Place Code in Separate File option. Building on the Starbucks example in chapter 1 (more on this soon), you ll name the service StarbucksService.asmx. You ll target this service from the client to retrieve relevant data in the examples. Starbucks revisited Earlier, we explained the nature of asynchronous operations by telling a story of ordering a beverage from a coffee shop. In brief, we associated placing an order at the shop with making a request to a service. We then likened the processing of that order to an asynchronous operation in which, due to its nature, we were informed of the operation s status and completion at another time. For the remainder of this section, we ll use this tale as the premise for the examples. If you aren t familiar with how an asynchronous operation behaves, please take a moment to visit the story in chapter 1 for a high-level explanation.
Persisting collections and arrays
/// <summary> /// Calculates leasing or credit rate /// </summary> /// <param name="periods">for how long do you want
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