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Defining your service
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used to add iBATIS to your application, and full source code with debugging information available when necessary.
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Embedding resources in an assembly is a common technique for controls and libraries that require resources like images and scripts. This approach simplifies how controls are packaged and deployed.
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Learning advanced EJB concepts
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lexical arrangement advice precedence, example of 349 lexical scope concept 77 lexical-structure based pointcut 77 example of 77 limiting join points Swing thread safety, example of 312 LinkedHashMap caching example 241 listener management swing thread-safety, and 288 local class and final variable 295 log analyzer 175 log() deducing the caller 150 explicit invocation 154 hotspot, and 150 inefficiency 150 JIT compiler, and 150 logp(), difference from 150 use in log4j 162 log4j 146 policy enforcement, and 185 log4j.properties 162 logging 146, 156 aspect precedence and 172 aspect-oriented 153 authentication and authorization example 328 authorization example 342 business rule, example of 408 caching, example of 236, 239 centralized control 156 change management using aspects 159 changing underlying mechanism 173 consistency 155 conventional 149 debugging, and 146, 433 example of 332 indentation 107, 170 instrumentation 150 151 level 150 method parameters 168 modularization 156
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of fragments of your database schema. Thus, in the OO purist s lingua franca, your domain model was probably anemic; let s see what we can do about that! During your migration to EJB 3 JPA, you probably want to consider refactoring your entities to take advantage of the object-oriented features supported by the EJB 3 JPA. For example, assume that when ActionBazaar was built using CMP 2 it had an entity bean named UserBean that was a representation of the USERS table. Listing 14.1 shows the source code for this UserBean entity bean class.
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InitialContext context = new InitialContext (); Object personHomeOb = (PersonHome) context.lookup ("Person"); PersonHome personHome = (PersonHome) PortableRemoteObject.narrow (personHomeOb, PersonHome.class);
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The property name of the configuration option changes for each event type you want to listen to (load in the previous example). If you replace the built-in listeners, as MyLoadListener does, you need to extend the correct default listeners. At the time of writing, Hibernate EntityManager doesn t bundle its own LoadEventListener, so the listener that extends org. hibernate.event.DefaultLoadEventListener still works fine. You can find a complete and up-to-date list of Hibernate EntityManager default listeners in the reference documentation and the Javadoc of the org.hibernate.ejb.event package. Extend any of these listeners if you want to keep the basic behavior of the Hibernate EntityManager engine.
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Name property 88 namespaces ACS namespace 392 396 AppFabric 385 issuers 392 393 Microsoft.WindowsAzure 34
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Table 7.2 Guidelines for the creation of primary keys Unacceptable (big) primary key types Java String Date Serialized object SQL VARCHAR(1024) TIMESTAMP BLOB
7: Windows Forms
Transformer around(Source source, TransformerFactory tFactory) throws TransformerConfigurationException : transformerCreation(source) && target(tFactory) { Templates templates = (Templates)_cache.get(source.getSystemId()); if (templates == null) { templates = tFactory.newTemplates(source); _cache.put(source.getSystemId(), templates); } return templates.newTransformer(); }
In the previous section, we showed how simple it is to create a quick, unobtrusive message to let the user know an SMS message has arrived. In this section, we re going to look at how to create a persistent notification that not only shows up in the status bar, but stays in a notification area until the user deletes it. To do that, we need to use the class Notification, because we want to do something more complex than Toast can offer us.
Eager Iterator antipattern 103, 124 EAI 178 EAR loader 332 Eavesdropping antipattern 195, 209 EJB and alternatives 350 antipatterns 6 basics 376 in Bitter Java 371 and economy 5 evolution 6 examples 366 future enhancements 238 history 23, 377 next steps 351 optional services 351 overkill 30 and re-entrancy 236 release 6 vs. JDO 273 EJB 1.0 7, 42 persistence 12 EJB 1.1 7 EJB 2.0 8 9, 43, 387 and CMP 223 and CMR 45 and local interfaces 59 EJB client 57 EJB Code Duplication antipattern 332, 344 EJB components fine-grained 60 EJB container 136, 378 cache sizing 155 and entity beans 260 and interfaces 53 managing stateful session beans 136 memory thrashing 155 and re-entrancy 238
<hibernate-mapping> <filter-def name="nameFilter"> <filter-param name="nameFilterParam" type="string"/> </filter-def> </hibernate-mapping>
xhr.open("GET", "get_message.html", true); xhr.onreadystatechange = function() {
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