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when you want to override or augment metadata with an XML deployment descriptor. This will allow us to externalize properties and provide configuration for the service without requiring recompilation of the Java sources. When used on the bean class, the @Local and @Remote annotations take an array of interface classes. It is not recommended that you use this approach unless you have to, as implementing your business interfaces directly enforces the contract between the bean class and these interfaces. These examples opt for the bean implementation class approach simply to centralize annotation metadata for readability, and the contract is honored by ensuring the bean implementation class explicitly implements all business interfaces. The EncryptionEJB identifies its remote and local interfaces via the class-level annotations upon the bean implementation class. As we ve mentioned before, @Remote and @Local could also go directly upon the EncryptionBusinessRemote and EncryptionBusinessLocal interfaces:
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If you have five Customer entities with the lastName equal to Brooks, this query sorts the results as follows:
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Preparing for distribution via the App Store
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<div class="entry"> <div class="label">Password:</div> <div class="input"><s:decorate> <h:inputSecret size="16" required="true" value="#{currentUser.password}"/> </s:decorate></div> </div> <div class="entry"> <div class="label">Repeat password:</div> <div class="input"><s:decorate> <h:inputSecret size="16" required="true" value="#{register.verifyPassword}"/> </s:decorate></div> </div> <div class="entry"> <div class="label">Firstname:</div> <div class="input"><s:decorate> <h:inputText size="32" required="true" value="#{currentUser.firstname}"/> </s:decorate></div> </div>
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14.4.2 Using DTOs as entities
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With DOM, everything is a node, and it sees an XML document as a hierarchical tree constructed of these nodes. To accomplish this, it s necessary for the parser to read the entire document into memory before any node processing takes place. This is in contrast to SAX in that SAX processes XML serially as a stream. Notice in figure 13.4 that DOM has its own nomenclature for different types of nodes. Once a document is in memory, the DOM parser starts processing at the document node, CD in this example, which is the top level of the tree, as shown in figure 13.4. It then continues until all nodes are processed. Just like traversing up and down through a directory tree, the way to accomplish this document traversal is by utilizing recursion. An example of this recursion should be the best way to demonstrate the process. We will again utilize our CD class, but in this case we have named it CDDOM. This is because we must declare a different bridge class to handle the XML parsing. The only difference is this declaration:
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command = s[0]; if (s.Length>1) parameter = s[1]; else parameter = null; switch (command) { case "AddSet" : IComponent <string> c = new Composite <string> (parameter); point.Add(c); point = c; break; case "AddPhoto" : point.Add(new Component <string> (parameter)); break; case "Remove" : point = point.Remove(parameter); break; case "Find" : point = album.Find(parameter); break; case "Display" : Console.WriteLine(album.Display(0)); break; case "Quit" : break; } } while (!command.Equals("Quit")); } }
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5.1 EJB internals
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MicroEdition-Configuration: CLDC-1.0 MIDlet-1: Hello1, , HiSmallWorld MIDlet-2: Hello2, , HiSmallWorld2
Synonyms are all well and good, but they still won t help with misspellings (this is just one example of how regex could help). If you were able to use synonyms to help with queries of commonly misspelled words, it would be possible to obtain results where you might not otherwise.
11.3.3 JSON hijacking
10.3.1 Solution: Autogenerate the EJB classes
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