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Connection around(String url, String userName, String password) throws SQLException Advice to resource : connectionCreation(url, userName, password) { creation join points Connection connection = _connPool.getConnection(url, userName, password); if (connection == null) { connection = proceed(url, userName, password); _connPool.registerConnection(connection, url, userName, password); } return connection; } void around(Connection connection) : connectionRelease(connection) {
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This example is covered in greater detail in Appendix D.
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Let s start with six quick facts about PDF:
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<one-to-many class="Bid"/> </set> </class>
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At the end of the program, we can call the Count method to print out the number of calls, as in:
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Visual Studio makes localization quite easy. But it s rare that the developer of a major application would also be fluent in multiple target languages. And you certainly don t want non-programmers gaining access to your forms and code in Visual Studio, where they can do who-knows-what to its logic. To keep foreign-language eyes and fingers where they belong, Microsoft wrote the Windows Resource Localization Editor, and included it with the Software Development Kit supplied with .NET. (On my system, it s located at Start [All] Programs Microsoft Windows SDK v6.0A Tools Windows Resource Localization Editor. Its command-line name is winres.exe.) When you are ready to have a translator convert a form to a specific language, you only need to provide them with this program, and the form s .resx file (such as Form1.resx). The program simulates the display of the form as it appears in Visual Studio, and lets the translator modify any relevant form or control properties for a specific language. Figure 19-8 shows ForeignNames s Form1 in the Localization Editor.
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Connecting in the cloud with AppFabric
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PdfAppearance[] onOff = new PdfAppearance[2]; onOff[0] = canvas.createAppearance(20, 20); onOff[0].rectangle(1, 1, 18, 18); onOff[0].stroke(); onOff[1] = canvas.createAppearance(20, 20); onOff[1].setRGBColorFill(255, 128, 128); onOff[1].rectangle(1, 1, 18, 18); onOff[1].fillStroke(); onOff[1].moveTo(1, 1); onOff[1].lineTo(19, 19); onOff[1].moveTo(1, 19); onOff[1].lineTo(19, 1); onOff[1].stroke();
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Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
Figure 10.5 An altitude program measures how high you ve climbed on a mountain of your choice.
ejb-jar version 3.0 required
1 using System; 2 using System.Collections.Generic; 3 4 // Builder Pattern Judith Bishop November 2007 5 // Simple theory code with one director and two builders 6 7 class Director { 8 // Build a Product from several parts 9 public void Construct(IBuilder builder) { 10 builder.BuildPartA( ); 11 builder.BuildPartB( ); 12 builder.BuildPartB( ); 13 } 14 } 15 16 interface IBuilder { 17 void BuildPartA( ); 18 void BuildPartB( ); 19 Product GetResult( ); 20 } 21 22 class Builder1 : IBuilder { 23 private Product product = new Product( ); 24 public void BuildPartA( ) { 25 product.Add("PartA "); 26 } 27 28 public void BuildPartB( ) { 29 product.Add("PartB "); 30 } 31 32 public Product GetResult( ) { 33 return product; 34 } 35 } 36 37 class Builder2 : IBuilder { 38 private Product product = new Product( ); 39 public void BuildPartA( ) { 40 product.Add("PartX "); 41 } 42 43 public void BuildPartB( ) {
@ManyToMany @JoinTable( name = "CATEGORY_ITEM", joinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name = "CATEGORY_ID")}, inverseJoinColumns = {@JoinColumn(name = "ITEM_ID")} ) @org.hibernate.annotations.IndexColumn(name = "DISPLAY_POSITION") private List<Item> items = new ArrayList<Item>();
This is the minimum number of JDBC connections that C3P0 keeps ready at all times. This is the maximum number of connections in the pool. An exception is thrown at runtime if this number is exhausted. You specify the timeout period (in this case, 300 seconds) after which an idle connection is removed from the pool. A maximum of 50 prepared statements will be cached. Caching of prepared statements is essential for best performance with Hibernate. This is the idle time in seconds before a connection is automatically validated. Specifying properties of the form hibernate.c3p0.* selects C3P0 as the connection pool (the c3p0.max_size option is needed you don t need any other switch to enable C3P0 support). C3P0 has more features than shown in the previous example; refer to the properties file in the etc/ subdirectory of the Hibernate distribution to get a comprehensive example you can copy from. The Javadoc for the class org.hibernate.cfg.Environment also documents every Hibernate configuration property. Furthermore, you can find an up-to-date table with all Hibernate configuration options in the Hibernate reference
3.7.2 Transactions
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