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<link rel="http://schemas.microsoft.com/ado/2007/08/dataservices/related/ SalesOrderHeaders" type="application/atom+xml;type=feed" title="SalesOrderHeaders" href="Customers(29531)/SalesOrderHeaders" />
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You can use either the intrinsic Visual Basic functions or the equivalent System. String methods and properties in your code. Each technique provides the same result, although the syntax details and options may vary.
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if ((symbolField.getText().length() > 0) && (checkSymbol())) { Graphics.playSound(Graphics.SOUND_STARTUP); String sym = symbolField.getText().toUpperCase(); //later on, get the price from a quote service here int[] price = {75, 55}; Call to store the price quote when obtained storePrice(sym, price); resultsBox.setText("The price of " + sym + " is $" + price[0] + "." + price[1]); resultsBox.paint(); }
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With our abstract base classes in this example, we re not really trying to provide a base implementation for our objects at all. We re trying to mark them as supporting a particular contract that we can then rely on in our client code. C# provides us with a mechanism for doing exactly that: interface. Let s rewrite our NamedPerson and SalariedPerson classes as interfaces instead, as shown in Example 4-20.
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Putting an IDE in control of the build file can make it easier to manipulate, but it does tend to make the actual XML harder to read. IDEs may remove any indentations inserted to make the file readable, and can reorder the attributes inside an XML element start tag. As a case in point, all Ant developers declare targets with the name coming before the dependencies or the description:
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private void printStaticJoinPointInfo( JoinPoint.StaticPart joinPointStaticPart) { println("Signature: " + joinPointStaticPart.getSignature() + " Kind: " + joinPointStaticPart.getKind()); SourceLocation sl = joinPointStaticPart.getSourceLocation(); println("Source location: " + Printing sl.getFileName() + ":" + sl.getLine()); static } information private void println(Object message) { for (int i = 0, spaces = _indent * 2; i < spaces; ++i) { System.out.print(" "); } System.out.println(message); } }
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We ll begin with the user interface. You need a new page, register.xhtml, with a JSF form. To get to that page, you must provide a link on the login.xhtml page, so users know they can register:
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import org.apache.commons.logging.*; ... Log log = LogFactory.getFactory ().getLog ("log-channel"); log.info ("log-message");
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Overview of the Microsoft Ajax Library The Application model The abstraction API for working with the DOM JavaScript extensions
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Listing 18.7 Formatting localized strings
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<key column="ITEM_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Bid"/> </set>
Figure 18.10 The output from csmanage when you script out a deployment to staging. We re deploying our ninja doughnut application, which has nothing to do with doughnuts or ninjas.
Uses StringBuilder to craft output
protected void drawBlock(Screening screening, PdfContentByte under, PdfContentByte over) { under.saveState(); BaseColor color = WebColors.getRGBColor( Translates color "#" + screening.getMovie().getEntry() code to BaseColor .getCategory().getColor()); under.setColorFill(color); Rectangle rect = getPosition(screening); under.rectangle(rect.getLeft(), rect.getBottom(), Fills rectangle under rect.getWidth(), rect.getHeight()); existing content under.fill(); over.rectangle(rect.getLeft(), rect.getBottom(), Strokes rectangle on rect.getWidth(), rect.getHeight()); top of existing content over.stroke(); under.restoreState(); }
Introducing views
Partial-page rendering with UpdatePanels
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