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A simple example, shown in listing 4.19, might illustrate this concept better.
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The previous section might have scared you away from ever trying to migrate data to SQL Azure. It wasn t meant to, but there are a lot of little details to be considered. Fortunately, there s an open source project hosted on CodePlex called SQL Azure Migration Wizard that can help you out with this process. The project URL is http://sqlazuremw.codeplex.com. The wizard can be used in several different scenarios. It can handle moving or analyzing a database from a SQL Server to SQL Azure, from SQL Azure to a SQL Server, or from SQL Azure to SQL Azure. When you run the tool, you can analyze the database for compatibility, generate a compatible script, and migrate the data. You can see the options available to you in figure 13.14. When you start the tool, you ll need to point it at the source database. You ll be given the options to select the objects in the database you want to analyze and migrate.
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At this point, David actively blocks further messages by calling mediator.Block. Later, he calls Unblock to start receiving them again. Simulating activity by calling methods from the main program presents an unnaturally sequential view of the operation of this pattern. The example we ll look at next shows a more dynamic version. Although the previous example shows a very simple Mediator, it is possible that mediating between more than two subclasses of colleagues could make the Mediator code quite complex. For example, Mediator might need to be used as a router through which colleague A can address colleague B without contacting colleague C. Nevertheless, the value of the anonymity and the simplicity the colleagues gain is worth the effort.
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Listing 4.11 ObjectViewer object
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There are two optional elements in this mapping. First, you don t have to include the targetEntity of the association; it s implicit from the type of the field. An explicit targetEntity attribute is useful in more complex domain models for example, when you map a @ManyToOne on a getter method that returns a delegate class, which mimics a particular target entity interface. The second optional element is the @JoinColumn. If you don t declare the name of the foreign key column, Hibernate automatically uses a combination of the target entity name and the database identifier property name of the target entity. In other words, if you don t add a @JoinColumn annotation, the default name for the foreign key column is item plus id, separated with an underscore. However, because you want to make the foreign key column NOT NULL, you need the annotation anyway to set nullable = false. If you generate the schema with the Hibernate Tools, the optional="false" attribute on the @ManyToOne would also result in a NOT NULL constraint on the generated column. This was easy. It s critically important to realize that you can write a complete application without using anything else. (Well, maybe a shared primary key oneto-one mapping from time to time, as shown in the next chapter.) You don t need to map the other side of this class association, and you ve already mapped everything present in the SQL schema (the foreign key column). If you need the Item instance for which a particular Bid was made, call aBid.getItem(), utilizing the entity association you created. On the other hand, if you need all bids that have been made for an item, you can write a query (in whatever language Hibernate supports). One of the reasons you use a full object/relational mapping tool like Hibernate is, of course, that you don t want to write that query.
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The property type depends on the primary key type of the CATEGORY table and the Hibernate mapping type. This information is determined by the <id> element in the mapping document:
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private BigDecimal initialPrice; Item() {} // Getter and setter methods... }
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List of machines that RepairCo supports
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<compilation debug="true" strict="false" explicit="true"/>
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Any Array objects created after the declaration of these functions, whether by the new operator or as part of a JSON expression, will be able to use these functions:
yourselves. You can now create your own iPhone apps, stay ahead of the curve, and learn about unfamiliar topics on your own. With the final roadmap in hand, you now have all the tools necessary to create a successful application. But read on (if you haven t already) for some helpful appendixes that list numerous SDK objects, talk more about getting your projects ready for market, and point toward other resources.
Listing 7.6 Property-based unidirectional one-to-one relationship
You can only minimally test Core Location using the iPhone Simulator. Longitude and latitude will work, but they ll always report Apple s Cupertino headquarters. Altitude won t be displayed. For most realistic testing particularly including distance or altitude you must use a provisioned iPhone.
Every valid XHTML file needs the right document type declaration. In addition to the regular XHTML namespace, you import the Facelets and two JSF namespaces for visual HTML components and core JSF components (for example, for input validation). The page layout is handled with cascading stylesheets (CSS) externalized to a separate file. A common page header template is imported with <ui:import> from Facelets. A JSF form (note the h namespace) is an HTML form that, if submitted, is processed by the JSF servlet.
When an anonymous user fills in the profile information, the user will automatically be assigned a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID), and an entry will be made in the database for that ID. However, note that only those properties marked with allowAnonymous may be stored, so you must modify your btnSave_Click event handler in ProfileInfo.aspx.vb. Bracket the entries for all the profile elements except Sports in an If statement that tests whether the user is currently Anonymous. The new btnSave_Click event handler for ProfileInfo.aspx.vb is shown in Example 9-10.
StyleCop is a static code-analysis tool that works with the actual C# source code, rather than assemblies. It checks for things like class, variable, and namespace naming; maintainability, readability, spacing, documentation, and ordering. Unfortunately, if you re a VB.NET or F# developer, you re out of luck, because StyleCop supports only C#. StyleCop is a useful and complementary tool to FxCop. Together they ll guard your code cleanliness like watchdogs. But beware! You may get into a clinch with those two tools. If you run two conflicting rules, one on your C# code and one on the intermediate language it produces, the issue will be difficult to fix. Keeping this in mind, let s make StyleCop work.
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