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iBATIS best practices
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Public Function IsHolidayDate(ByVal whatDate As Date) _ As Boolean ' ----- See if the given date is a holiday. Dim oneHoliday As Library.HolidaySet ' ----- Scan through the holidays, looking for a match. For Each oneHoliday In AllHolidays If (oneHoliday.IsHoliday(whatDate)) Then Return True Next oneHoliday ' ----- Not a holiday. Return False End Function
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Mapping more advanced data structures
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the returnValue variable would contain your generated key. But there is more the keyProperty attribute in the <selectKey> element tells iBATIS to get the value and set it on the object to be inserted. This means that if you want, you can even ignore the returned value, because the object that was inserted already has the key value set for you. Something to remember is that the <selectKey> element defines a mapped statement, and this mapped statement has access to the same parameter map that the containing insert statement does. So, in the previous example, if you wanted to select the sequence to use for inserted records, you could do so by using this mapped statement:
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concat() 638 concatenation 638 concurrency control strategy choosing 602 concurrency strategy 599 nonstrict read-write 600 read-only 600 read-write 600 transactional 600 concurrent access, controlling 453 Configuration programmatic 50 all properties 55 with system properties 53 configuration 49 DTD 52 by exception 178 with properties file 55 with XML file 51 Configuration API 640 connection pool 53 C3P0 54 consistency 434 constraints 367 column 369 database 373 domain 369 table 370 ConstraintViolationException 442 container managed relationships (CMRs). See CMR container managed transactions (CMTs). See CMT contains() 566 containsKey() 567 context, propogation with EJBs 506 contextual components 779 contextual variables aliasing 784 working with directly 785 controller 478, 510, 699, 725 conversational cache scaling applications with 815 conversational guarantees 485 conversations 435, 485 atomicity 489 context 774 with detached objects 391, 486
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You have extended the buffer between the Java object model and the SQL database schema with the new custom composite type. Both representations are now more robust to changes. Note that the number of columns isn t relevant for your choice of UserType versus CompositeUserType only your desire to expose value type properties for Hibernate queries. Parameterization is a helpful feature for all custom mapping types.
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Caching query results
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private void btnDelete_Click( object sender, System.EventArgs e ) { // ask them if they are sure System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show( "Are you quite sure ", // msg "Delete Files", // caption MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, // buttons MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation, // icons MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2 ); // default button
Adding a class into a package is as follows:
Listing 10.7 Test.java: with authentication functionality
Application integration
Creating and mapping the log record Now we create a new persistent class, AuditLogRecord. This class represents the information we want to log in the audit database table:
from Item where from Item where i, User u i.seller.id = u.id and u.username = 'steve' i, Bid b i.seller.id = b.bidder.id
The Library program identifies books and other items as stored in multiple locations, such as multiple branches or storage rooms. DefaultItemLocation indicates which one of these locations, from the CodeLocation table, is the default. The DefaultLocation entry of the SystemValue database table stores this value permanently. When searching for books, authors, or other things that could result in thousands of matches, the SearchMatchLimit indicates the maximum number of matches returned by such searches. It s stored as the SearchLimit system value. Since we re already in the General module, add two more helper functions.
String dbName = "QuoteData"; int dbType = 0x494E5653; //'INVS' int dbCreator = 0x43415454; //'CATT'
Graphics: Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL
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