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access XML feeds from any site without having to open multiple tabs or windows by using this reader. We also have the ability to alter this application to obtain other information from the Web, such as weather and comics.
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Now the size of the resulting PDF file is only about 300 KB; that s a much better result. PdfSmartCopy extends PdfCopy. It inherits the same functionality, but it checks every page that s added for redundant objects, so it can save plenty of disk space or bandwidth. There s a price to pay for this extra intelligence. PdfSmartCopy needs more memory and more time to concatenate files than PdfCopy. It will be up to you to decide what s more important: file size and bandwidth, or memory and time. It will also depend on the nature of the documents you want to concatenate. If there is little resemblance between the pages, you might as well use PdfCopy. If different documents all have the same company logo on every page, you might want to consider using PdfSmartCopy to detect that logo. In this example, you ve concatenated flattened forms. But what happens if you concatenate the original forms You don t have to try this: it won t work. Although PdfCopy (and PdfSmartCopy) preserve the annotations used to visualize a form, the form functionality will be broken if you try to concatenate two or more documents containing forms using PdfCopy. Your best chance to achieve this is to use PdfCopyFields.
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Then you ll need to define the OrderDetails class, and give it the correct attributes:
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function getLocations(){ var zip = $get("Location").value; AspNetAjaxInAction.StarbucksService.GetLocationCount(zip, onGetLocationSuccess, onGetLocationFailure, "<%= DateTime.Now %>"); }
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use Image::Magick; my $rc; my $img = Image::Magick->new();
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The code in listing 10.5 would create a dynamically configured DAO manager whose properties were passed in at runtime, instead of the shared one that would normally be returned. While this would provide much more flexibility, it would also require the user of this DAO manager to keep a copy of it around, instead of creating it every time it was needed. Next we ll look at how to use the iBATIS DAO framework, and create some DAO classes that it will manage for us.
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int amount = -2895729; string text = amount.ToString("D");
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Factory builds and stores the SessionFactory
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try { // Define query String final String jpaQlQuery = "FROM " + Employee.class.getSimpleName() + " e WHERE'Dave'"; // Query and get result final Employee roundtrip = (Employee)em.createQuery(jpaQlQuery) .getSingleResult();
Because XML documents are structured text documents, you can create them using a text editor and process them using string manipulation functions. To paraphrase David Platt, you can also have an appendectomy through your mouth, but it takes longer and hurts more. To make the job easier, .NET implements classes and utilities that provide XML functionality. There are several to choose from. There are the streaming XML APIs (which support XmlReader and XmlWriter), which never attempt to hold the whole document in memory you work one element at a time, and while that enables you to handle very large documents without using much memory, it can be tricky to code for. So there are simpler APIs that let you build an object model that represents an XML document. Even here, you have a choice. One set of XML APIs is based on the XML Document Object Model (DOM), a standard API implemented in many programming systems, not just .NET. However, the DOM is surprisingly cumbersome to work with, so .NET 3.5 introduced a set of APIs that are easier to use from .NET. These are designed to work well with LINQ, and so they re often referred to as LINQ to XML. These are now the preferred XML API if you don t need streaming. (Silverlight doesn t even offer the XML DOM APIs, so LINQ to XML is your only nonstreaming option there.) Despite the name, it s not strictly necessary to use LINQ when using the LINQ to XML classes Example 12-1 uses this API to write a list of customers to an XML document.
Field(String name, Reader reader, Field.TermVector termVector) Field(String name, String value, Field.Store store, Field.Index index, Field.TermVector termVector) Field(String name, TokenStream tokenStream, Field.TermVector termVector)
Creating the rich user interface
namespace Exercise_5_3 { class Program { enum numericCondition { even, multiple, odd, tooBig, unknown, zero } static void Main( ) { while (true) { Console.Write("Enter a number, please: "); string theEntry = Console.ReadLine( ); int theNumber = Convert.ToInt32(theEntry); numericCondition condition = numericCondition.unknown; // initialize condition = (theNumber % 2 == 0) numericCondition.even : numericCondition.odd; if (theNumber % 10 == 0) condition = numericCondition.multiple; if (theNumber == 0) condition =; if (theNumber > 100) condition = numericCondition.tooBig;
Dynamic double combo
public class ClientHomeSaver { private HelperHome home; public void runExample() { //Perform a jndi lookup to get home reference home = getHomeReference(); saveHomeReference( goodHelperHome ); home = loadReference(); } private void saveHomeReference( HelperHome helper ) { FileOutputStream ostream = null; ObjectOutputStream objStream = null; try{ ostream = new FileOutputStream( "HelperHome.obj" ); objStream = new ObjectOutputStream( ostream ); objStream.writeObject( helper.getHomeHandle() ); objStream.flush(); objStream.close(); } catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); } } private HelperHome loadReference() { FileInputStream istream = null; ObjectInputStream objStream = null; Handle handle = null; Helper helper = null; try{ istream = new FileInputStream("Helper.obj"); objStream = new ObjectInputStream(istream); handle = (Handle) objStream.readObject(); objStream.close(); helper = (Helper) handle.getEJBHome();
You ve already written most of the code needed to create a simple media player application. This example will demonstrate how to use the MPMediaPickerController to find media and then play it using the MPMusicPlayerController. Make sure you re testing directly on your device, because the Simulator doesn t have an iPod application. Testing from the Simulator will yield an error when trying to display the picker.
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