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Table 16.7 The Address Book classes Class Framework Address Book Summary Interface for accessing and changing the Address Book; may not be required if you use the Address Book UI framework Interface for entering new record manually Interface for selecting users and properties Interface for displaying and editing records Interface for displaying fake contact and possibly adding it to Address Book Opaque type giving access to the records of groups Opaque type giving access to the records of individual people Record providing information on a person or group Type containing multiple values, each with its own label; its precise use is defined in ABPerson, where it s applied to addresses, dates, phone numbers, instant messages, URLs, and related names An ABMultiValue whose values can be modified
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If your index doesn t change frequently and your filter doesn t use parameters or uses the same set of parameters often, you ll make the most of filter caching. Here are a few good examples:
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} catch (HibernateException ex) { throw new InfrastructureException(ex); } catch (Exception ex) { // Throw application specific exception } }
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sb.append("<address>" + this._address + "</address>"); sb.append("<city>" + this._city + "</city>"); sb.append("<state>" + this._state + "</state>"); sb.append("<zip>" + this._zip + "</zip>"); sb.append("<product>" + this._product + "</product>"); sb.append("<producturl>" + this._producturl + "</producturl>"); sb.append("<comments>" + this._comments + "</comments>"); sb.append("</job>"); return sb.toString() + "\n"; } public Bundle toBundle() { Bundle b = new Bundle(); b.putString("jobid", this._jobid); b.putString("status", this._status); // assignments omitted for brevity b.putString("producturl", this._producturl); b.putString("comments", this._comments); return b; } public static JobEntry fromBundle(Bundle b) { JobEntry je = new JobEntry(); je.set_jobid(b.getString("jobid")); je.set_status(b.getString("status")); // assignments omitted for brevity je.set_producturl(b.getString("producturl")); je.set_comments(b.getString("comments")); return je; } }
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Changing your application to listen for messages from the bus instead of the HTTP endpoint is easy. You need to change the binding and address information to point to the bus. We ve moved the configuration of the service from code to the app.config file to make these changes easier, and you can see these changes in the Service Bus sample code for this chapter. Two things still need to be set up. You need to configure the address and binding information, and you need to configure the service for authentication to the bus. First, in the configuration, you need to change the address of the endpoint to your namespace on the bus. For this example, you should change it from http://localhost/ processstring to sb:// This change tells WCF to use the Service Bus relay bindings, and that the service you re publishing should be registered in the stringreversalinc namespace.
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Writing a test case One of the primary XP tenets is that writing and running tests should be easy. Writing a JUnit test case is intentionally designed to be as easy as possible. For a simple test case, you follow three simple steps:
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import java.lang.System; var date1 = java.util.Date {}; var date2 = jfxia.chapter3.Date {};
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The tasks that support the ZipFileset datatype are <zip>, <jar>, <war>, and <ear>. 3.11.2 Dirset The fileset datatype incorporates both files and directories, but some tasks prefer to only operate on directories. The <dirset> datatype is used in only the <javadoc> and <pathconvert> tasks. The path datatype also supports a nested <dirset>, which allows for easier construction of classpath elements for multiple directories. Filelist Recall that a fileset is an unordered collection of files and directories. When concatenating files or doing other operations that require a specific order, the filelist datatype comes in handy. The filelist datatype is supported in the <concat>, <dependset>, and <pathconvert> tasks, as well as a nested element within the <path> datatype.
You don t want these commands to go inside the onLoad part of your JavaScript; instead, you want to get that image loading as fast as possible so that it doesn t slow down the drawing of your canvas when you actually use it. Besides loading an image from a file, you can also use an image that s already loaded on the page. This same functionality can even be used to import a Canvas object! The simplest way to do this is probably with the document.getElementById JavaScript method, which can be used in place of an image variable. In the case of importing a Canvas object, make sure that the Canvas object you re importing has been drawn upon first. Why would you want to duplicate an image already on your page inside your Canvas object It can help you to control whether all your images are loaded before you get started. Just place the images in <div>s that don t display. Once you ve got an image object, you can access it with two methods, as described in table 6.11. The drawImage method is listed three times, because it can be called in three different ways.
Listing 2.35 Bidirectional binding
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