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The classic web MVC model describes the entire application in coarse-grained detail. The entire generated data stream is the View. The entire CGI or servlet layer is the Controller, and so on. In desktop application development, MVC patterns are often applied at a much finer scale, too. Something as simple as a pushbutton widget can use MVC:
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Figure 5.9 To modify the visual elements of a web part, users make use of the AppearanceEditorPart interface to begin the task.
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The Singleton pattern adds functionality by modifying an existing class. The modifications required are: Make the constructor private and add a private static constructor as well. Add a private static read-only object that is internally instantiated using the private constructor. Add a public static property that accesses the private object. It is the public property (3) that is now visible to the world. All constructor requests for the class go to the property. The property accesses the private static object and will instantiate it if it does not already exist. The UML diagram in Figure 5-5 sums all this up.
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Appendix C: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
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"Please enter a number", "Format Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error); txtAmount.Clear( ); }
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The last thing to update, then, is the CompareBytes method. The previous version, shown in Example 11-39, relied on loading all the files into memory upfront. The modified version in Example 11-44 uses streams.
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@WebMethod @OneWay public void pingServer() { }
Listing 7.10 Passing the profile dictionary to the view
The design of a proxy and its players is shown in the UML diagram in Figure 2-5.
<classpath> <fileset dir="lib"> <include name="*.jar"/> </fileset> </classpath>
To shut down the service, you can use this command:
in the second, you search for item 2. Both browser windows show you an edit screen with the details of item 1 and item 2. What happens if you make changes to item 1 and click Save The changes are made on item 2! If you click Save in the first browser window, you work on the state that is present in the HTTP session, where the backing bean lives. However, the backing bean no longer holds item 1 the current state is now the state of the second browser window, editing item 2. In other words, you started two conversations with the application, but the conversations weren t isolated from each other. The HTTP session isn t the right context for concurrent conversation state; it s shared between browser windows. You can t fix this easily. Making this (trivial) application work in several browser windows requires major architectural changes. Today, users expect web applications to work in several browser windows. The application leaks memory. When a JSF page first tries to resolve the itemEditor variable, a new instance of ItemEditor is bound to the variable in the HTTP session context. This value is never cleaned up. Even if the user clicks Save on the edit screen, the backing bean instance stays in the HTTP session until the user logs out or the HTTP session times out. Imagine that a much more sophisticated application has many forms and many backing beans. The HTTP session grows as the user clicks through the application, and replicating the HTTP session to other nodes in a cluster gets more expensive with every click. If a user comes back to the item search screen, after working with another module of the application, old data is shown in the forms. One solution for this problem would be manual cleanup of the HTTP session at the end of a conversation, but there is no easy way to do this. With JSF and EJB 3.0, you must code this manually. In our experience, handling variables and values in the HTTP session manually is a common source of issues that are incredibly difficult to track down. The flow of the application is difficult to visualize and control. How do you know where clicking the Search button will take you At a minimum, you have to look into two files: the backing bean, which returns string outcomes, and the JSF XML configuration file, which defines the page shown for a particular outcome. There is also the ever-present problem of the Back button in the browser, a nasty problem in any conversation that has more than two screens. Think also about the business process. How can you define that your flow of pages is part of a larger business process Imagine that searching and editing an item is only one task in a business process that involves many more steps for example, as part of a review process. No tools or strategies help you integrate business process management in your application. Today, you can no longer
17.4.1 The location classes
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