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Managing links and URLs with T4MVC
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We categorize software testing as follows:
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ITEM_ID 1 2 3 NAME Foo Bar Baz
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As desired, Load uses the image at the given filename, but it doesn t retain a copy of it in its intrinsicState; it keeps only the thumbnail. The computations done to position the thumbnails across the screen are shown in Figure 3-3. They could obviously be improved using constants. Notice, however, that the row and col information is derived from the unSharedState of the group, which is kept by the Client. Next, let s consider the factory. We ll look further at factories in 6, but for now, I ll just say that in their simplest form, they generate objects according to specific conditions. Here, we are interested in checking whether an object exists already before we add it to a collection. Before we dive into the code, let s take a quick look at indexers. Now, we can give the FlyweightFactory class:
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They keep a map that represents the current list of Lucene directories locked and guarantee that only one node can acquire a directory lock at a given time cluster-wide. They distribute the index content across the cluster. If a directory is too big to fit in memory, only part of the content is retrieved from the grid. Some kind of garbage collection ensures that only the latest-used content is kept in local memory for a given node.
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The SessionSynchronization methods are called in the Transactional Method-Ready state.
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This query returns objects of the type BillingDetails, which is an abstract class. So, in this case, the concrete objects are of the subtypes of BillingDetails: CreditCard and BankAccount. If we only want instances of a particular subclass, we may use
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return RedirectToAction("index"); }
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Table 3.1 The directory structure of the source code as available from the Apache Subversion source control system Directory build devlib devsrc Purpose This is where you will find the Ant script used to build the framework, and where the build will put everything that it builds. Compile-time requirements that can be included in an Apache project are in this directory. Compile-time requirements that are unavailable for distribution in an Apache project, or are just too big to include in the repository. For those requirements, we have dummy versions of them in the repository that look like the application programming interfaces (APIs) and allow us to build iBATIS. This is where you will find the project documentation. JavaDoc is a tool for generating API documentation in HTML format from doc comments in source code, and this is where example configuration files are placed for the build process. This is where you will find the actual code for the framework. In chapter 12 we will look at the structure of the application in more detail. Unit testing is one way to test the correctness of code. The iBATIS framework uses JUnit for automated unit testing during the build process. The build procedure will run the tests and generate reports based on the results. Tools that are useful for working with iBATIS are here. For example, you ll find the Abator tool in this directory.
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10.3 Configuring the master node
In the past, developers have had to load test data into databases using SQL scripts. The disadvantage of using SQL scripts for test data is that they can be difficult to maintain if the database structure changes. DBUnit allows you to create a DTD of your database schema and use an XML file to store test data. While typically more verbose than a SQL script, XML has the advantage of validating against the DTD, which informs you when your test data is out of date.
3G network 6
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