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public AutoMappedViewResult Index() { var customer = GetCustomer();
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C H A P T ER 13
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Optimization: pooling and caching
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Working with navigation-based interfaces The flipside controller The split view controller Popover and modal view controllers
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An exit button on a Palm OS application is not entirely necessary. The paradigm of Palm OS applications is to simply move to another application or the application selection screens rather than actually requesting to leave an application. Pressing the Applications soft key is an indication in the Palm OS that it is time to leave the current app.
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Earlier in this chapter we mentioned applying special formatters to member mappings. These formatters are all implementations of IValueFormatter, an AutoMapper interface that defines the contract between AutoMapper and our custom formatting code. Listing 18.11 shows this interface.
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Each UpdatePanel has a collection of triggers of a type called UpdatePanelTriggerCollection. This collection contains items of an abstract class called UpdatePanelTrigger. Because the class is abstract, which means you can t create an instance of it, you can only add items that are of type PostBackTrigger or AsyncPostBackTrigger, because they both inherit from UpdatePanelTrigger.
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Subscription durability
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Application integration
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Table 15-3. Regex members Method or property
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JNDI is the JDBC of naming and directory services. Just as JDBC provides a standard Java EE API to access all kinds of databases, JNDI standardizes naming and directory service access. If you ve ever used a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) such as a Microsoft Active Directory server, you already know what a naming and directory service is. In simple terms, a naming service provides the ability to locate a component or service by name. You give a naming service the complete name for a resource and it figures out how to get you a handle to the resource that you can use. Domain Name Service (DNS) is a relatively well-known example of a naming service. When we point our web browser to, the DNS server conducts a lookup and directs us to the right IP address for Yahoo. The RMI registry is another example of a naming service. In a sense, even an operating system file manager is a naming service. You give the file manager the complete path to a file and it gives you a handle to the file you are looking for. As figure A.2 shows, JNDI provides a uniform abstraction over a number of different naming services such as LDAP, DNS, Network Information Service (NIS), Novell Directory Services (NDS), RMI, Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), and so on. Once you have an instance of a JNDI context, you can use it to locate resources in any underlying naming service available to the context. Under the hood, JNDI negotiates with each available naming service given the name of a resource to figure out where to look up the service s actual location.
For a component architecture to succeed in being both easy to use and flexible to extend, the ideas of interface and implementation need to be considered. The interface is the functional aspect describing what is to be done. The implementation is the specific how and what is to be accomplished. This means that if you write a logging component and you would like to have the flexibility to log to a number of locations (database, file, socket, unknown, etc.) and support various protocols (HTTP, RMI, JINI, unknown, etc.), you have a design decision to make. You can try to guess which locations and protocols are the most popular, or you can write the log functionality in an interface, write a few implementations that use that interface, and encourage others to write any implementations that they may need. The SoC idea is also sometimes referred to as the plug-in principle, which is more often how it is described. Spring allows separation of concerns with its rich support for aspect-oriented programming (AOP). It helps developers to focus on
Design and Planning
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15.4.1 Setting up local storage
package ejb3inaction.example.buslogic; import javax.ejb.Stateless; import ejb3inaction.example.persistence.Bid; @Stateless public class PlaceBidBean implements PlaceBid { ... public PlaceBidBean() {}
Listing 6.2 Simple Canvas commands draw quick two-dimensional shapes
Function.createCallback method 57 58 Function.createDelegate 55, 81
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