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Deployment techniques
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Increment and Decrement Operators
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int [,] myRectangularArray = new int[2,3];
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Check if in asychronous postback
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The deployment descriptor is the same as for the JDBC application (listing 8.12). The deployment data for the JDO objects, which handles relational mapping and database connection information, is now in a separate file:
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Seeing tracing in action here makes it clear how useful it is as a tool for detecting the source of problems in our applications. As for prescriptive guidance about where to place tracing statements within an application s code, the obvious place is to find the strategic locations most likely to cause problems at runtime, and target them so we can work out how to diagnose those errors when they occur. At a minimum, I would suggest instrumenting the following code: Exception handling blocks Calls to external systems which may be expensive, so that we can monitor how long those operations are taking Calls to complex business logic operations to help detect erroneous logic There are many additional topics about managing tracing within our applications worthy of investigation. One such topic is configuring listeners so that the output of tracing statements is directed to areas other than the bottom of the page such as the Event Log or into a database. As such I highly recommend reading up on ASP.NET Tracing to learn more about options that exist to help with diagnosing problems in web applications. 9.2.2 Health monitoring Tracing is certainly useful when diagnosing issues that already exist within our application, but ideally we d like to be a little more pro-active. We d like to monitor the application in order to detect certain types of issues before they actually become problems. This activity is known as Health Monitoring and involves keeping track of
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my $DATABASE = $ARGV[0] or die "Usage: $0 picture_data.xml\n"; my $xml = XML::Parser->new( Handlers => { Start => \&xml_start, End => \&xml_end, Char => \&xml_char }, );
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Figure 1.13 The notion of relationship between entities is not available in a full-text index such as Lucene. How can a query on associated objects be expressed
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Objects in JavaScript
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// Check amount of Bid with a query Query q = session.createQuery("select max(b.amount)" + " from Bid b where b.item = :item"); q.setEntity("item", item); BigDecimal maxBidAmount = (BigDecimal) q.uniqueResult(); if (maxBidAmount.compareTo(bidAmount) > 0) { throw new BusinessException("Bid amount too low."); } // Place Bid User bidder = (User) session.load(User.class, userId); Bid newBid = item.placeBid(bidder, bidAmount); // Place new Bid in scope for next page // Forward to showSuccess.jsp page } catch (HibernateException ex) { throw new InfrastructureException(e1); } catch (BusinessException ex) { // Execute exception specific code } catch (Exception ex) { // Throw application specific exception } }
With the challenges of diagnostics at cloud-scale, it s amazing that the solution is so simple and elegant. Microsoft chose to keep everything that you re used to in its place. Every API, tool, log, and data source is the same way it was, which keeps the data sources known and well documented. The diagnostics team provides a small process called MonAgentHost.exe that s started on your instances. The MonAgentHost process is started automatically, and it acts as your agent on the box. It knows how to tap into all the sources, and it knows how to merge the data and move it to the correct locations so you can analyze it. You can configure the process on the fly without having to restart the host it s running on. This is critical. You don t
Bluetooth and sensors
The SQLite database on the development machine
Advanced WebKit and textual web apps
Big Spender s Cart Big Laptop Spender s Cart Big Spender s Cart Big-screen TV Digital camera
sub fill_circle { my $self = shift; my ($radius, $color) = @_; my ($xc, $yc) = get_origin(); my $yr = $yc - $radius; $self->Draw(primitive fill stroke points } 1; => => => => 'Circle', $color, $color, "$xc,$yc $xc,$yr");
With the release of the 2.0 EJB specification, EJB applications have the ability to create asynchronous behavior using message-driven beans. However, if an EJB client wants to use a message-driven bean, it must be able to send a JMS message in order to trigger the business logic. To reduce the complexity of the client, you would like to provide asynchronous behavior without the need for the client to use JMS.
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