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namespace Example_5_2_ _ _ _The_if_Statement { class Program {
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Now all that s left is to do is implement the business interface methods that power the logic of the client. For brevity s sake, we ll omit the true code here; again, all of this is covered in the appendix:
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The basic features of a Stream object include the Read and Write methods that let you read or write bytes. As data is read from or written to a stream, the Stream object maintains a current position within the stream that you can adjust using the Seek method, or examine using the Position property. The Length property indicates the size of the readable data. The class also exposes variations of these basic features to allow as much flexibility as possible. Not every stream supports all features. Some streams are read-only, forward-only constructs that don t support writing or seeking. Other streams support all possible features. The features available to you depend on the type of stream you use. Since Stream itself is abstract, you must create an instance of one of its derived classes. .NET defines several useful streams ready for your use:
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You ve used diacritical marks before. In figure 11.5, you ll find a cedilla, a hacek, and so on, but there s a difference between listing 11.4 and listing 11.13. When you printed c cedilla ( ), you only used one Unicode character (\u00e7). In listing 11.13, the diacritical mark is a separate character: \u0e49 has to be combined with \u0e1f. That s unusual for Western languages. Suppose that you want to type the French word tre (to be) on a French keyboard (AZERTY instead of QWERTY); you d need to hit five different keys: ^etre. If you save a text file with this String, only four bytes would be used, because there s a character value for the e with a circumflex. In other languages that use diacritics more frequently, it s common to store both characters separately. For instance: ^etre or e^tre instead of tre. That s what happened in the Thai example. The fonts Angsana New and Arial Unicode MS used a negative character advance for this glyph to create the illusion that the two characters are actually one.
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Use it in a build file like this:
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17.4 Connecting with the Service Bus
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Finally, we must configure the application to use our custom personalization provider by specifying our custom provider in the personalization section of the web configuration file. Listing 6.5 shows the configuration entry required for the application to use the SingleKeySqlPersonalizationProvider.
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includes all the core data types, so you would think that they would be reference types as well. But there is another class stuck in between System.Object and most of the Visual Basic data types. This class, System.ValueType, implements the basic definition and usage of a value type. Table 6-4 lists some of the differences between value and reference types.
10.1 A world of extenders
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