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Delete a file or empty directory.
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my $chart = GD::Graph::mixed->new(700,500); $chart->set_legend('Rain (left)', 'SOI (right)'); $chart->set( y1_label => 'Monthly rain fall (mm)', y2_label => 'SOI', types => [qw(bars lines)], dclrs => [qw(blue green)], line_width => 5,
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any property settings you choose. This makes it equivalent to a subroutine call, except that instead of passing parameters as arguments, you have to define well known properties instead. Furthermore, any properties that the called target sets will not be remembered when the call completes. A better way to view the behavior of <antcall> is as if you are actually starting a new version of Ant, setting the target and some properties on the command line. When you use this as a model of the task s behavior, it makes more sense that when you call a target, its dependent targets are also called. This fact causes confusion when people try to control their entire build with <antcall>. Although it is nominally possible to do this with high-level tasks which invoke the build, test, package, and deploy targets, this is the wrong way to use Ant. Usually, declaring target dependencies and leaving the run time to sort out the target execution order is the best thing to do. Our deployment task in listing 7.5 is the exception to this practice. This target can deploy to multiple remote servers, simply by invoking it with <antcall> with the appropriate property settings for that destination. That is why we left out any target dependencies: to avoid extra work when a build deploys to a sequence of targets. To illustrate the behavior, let s use a project containing a target that prints out some properties potentially defined by its predecessors, do-echo:
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5: Validation
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Sequences are collections of objects or values with a logical ordered relationship. As the saying goes, they do exactly what it says on the tin ; in other words, a sequence is a sequence of things! It s tempting to think of sequences as arrays by another name indeed they can be used for array-like functionality but sequences hide some pretty clever extra functionality, making them more useful for the type of work JavaFX is designed to do. In the following sections we ll look at how to define, extend, retract, slice, and filter JavaFX sequences. Sequences have quite a rich syntax associated with them, so let s jump straight in.
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Propagating the Hibernate Session
But wait! If we just compile and run that, we ll leave the file we created behind on the system. We should make sure we delete it again when we re done. There s nothing special about a temporary file. We create it in an unusual way, and it ends up in a particular place, but once it has been created, it s just like any other file in the filesystem. So, we can delete it the same way we d delete any other file.
EJB s context object
Table 7-1. Comparison of Strategy, State, and Template Method patterns Strategy Action achieved by Switching modes based on Context/IPrimitivescontains Context invokes Strategy Client inspecting Context Current Strategy State Client invokes Context State inspecting Context Current State Template Method Algorithm invoking Operations Instantiation of classes in Client Operational interface
The style for the ListBox that you just created contains a StackPanel that contains items. The next thing you ll do is define the style for these items. The items, you ll recall, are the images of the presidents that you re displaying. We mentioned that these images will change appearance when the user moves the mouse over them. You saw earlier in the chapter how to interact with the user s mouse movements you ll need to define some triggers. The Triggers will reside in the Style, rather than being attached to a specific instance of a control. This style begins by setting its target type, as the last style did (ListBoxItems), and three properties: MaxHeight, MinHeight, and Opacity. The MaxHeight and MinHeight properties have the same value, which means that the size of the items is fixed, but you ll be able to change that dynamically, as you ll see shortly. The Opacity of a control is defined as a value between 0 and 1:
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