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foreach ( string fileName in fileNames ) { FileInfo file = new FileInfo( fileName ); if ( file.Exists ) { fileList.Add( file ); } }
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With this code, you should be able to develop more sophisticated forms without having to worry about the normal problems of posting pages back to the server. With the ability to extend this script to act on multiple combinations of selection lists, your users can drill down more precisely through several layers of options to obtain the information or products they are looking for. Finally, we did some refactoring of the code to build ourselves an industrialstrength component to facilitate reuse and customization down the road. From our perspective, we ve encapsulated this functionality in a reusable component and won t ever need to write it again. From our users perspective, they won t be getting that screen that says the product is not available when buying items from our online store. Everybody s happy.
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As is usually the case, the client view ends up being the most illustrative to show the effect of @RunAs. We can easily construct a test that takes the following steps: Obtains EJB proxies using an authenticated security context (anonymous user) Tries to close the school directly Ensures we can t close directly, as we re not admins Declares an emergency with the fire department Ensures that the school is closed as a postcondition
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Figure 2.3 A typical session with AspectJ s source browser, ajbrowser. The tool shows how a crosscutting element affects different parts of an application. Similarly, it shows the reverse relationship: how a part of program is affected by crosscutting elements. This tool is useful if you aren t using any IDEs that have integration with AspectJ.
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We ve just shown how the object model will be mapped into the index model, but we haven t addressed when the object model is indexed. Hibernate Search listens to Hibernate Core operations. Every time an entity marked for indexing is persisted, updated, or deleted, Hibernate Search is notified. In other words, every time you persist your domain model to the database, Hibernate Search knows it and can apply the same changes to the index. The index stays synchronized with the database state automatically and transparently for the application. That s good news for us because we don t have anything special to do! What about existing data Data already in the database may never be updated, and so Hibernate Search will then never be able to receive a notification from Hibernate Core. Because in most scenarios the index needs to be initially populated with existing and legacy data, Hibernate Search proposes a manual indexing API. This is our first look at the Hibernate Search API. Hibernate Search extends the Hibernate Core main API to provide access to some of the full-text capabilities. A FullTextSession is a subinterface of Session. Similarly, a FullTextEntityManager is a subinterface of EntityManager (see figure 2.1). Those two subinterfaces Figure 2.1 FullTextSession and contain the same methods and especially FullTextEntityManager extend Session the one interesting us at the moment: the and EntityManager, respectively. ability to manually index an object. Where can we get an instance of theses interfaces Internally, the FullTextEntityManager and FullTextSession implementations are wrappers around an EntityManager implementation or a Session implementation. Hibernate Search provides a helper class (org.hibernate.search.jpa.Search) to retrieve a FullTextEntityManager from a Hibernate EntityManager as well as a helper class to retrieve a FullTextSession from a Session (org.hibernate.search.Search). Listing 2.8 shows how to use these helper classes.
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<cascade> <cascade-persist/> <cascade-merge/> <cascade-remove/> </cascade> </one-to-many> </entity> <entity class="auction.model.Bid" access="FIELD"> ... <many-to-one name="item"> <join-column name="ITEM_ID"/> </many-to-one> </entity> </entity-mappings>
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Introducing AspectJ
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This symbol is often used to pass error messages back from a function.
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Editors and IDEs
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FAQ PdfStamper always creates a new PDF file, but how can I manipulate the existing file You can t use the same physical file used by PdfReader to create a FileOutputStream for PdfStamper. Common sense tells us that changing a file while you re still reading it risks corrupting the file. There are different ways to work around this. Some applications read a file into memory before changing it; you could read the original file into a byte array and create a PdfReader object as demonstrated in listing 6.13. Other applications work with temporary files; once you ve finished stamping, you could replace the original file with the new one. Finally, you could also create the new file in memory using a ByteArrayOutputStream, and then overwrite the original file using these bytes. The best choice depends on the context. As a rule of thumb, I prefer temporary files for applications that run on the desktop; in a web environment, I create all files in memory.
Figure 4.7 You can install CCNet as a Windows service and configure IIS to be ready to serve the Web Dashboard.
Configuring the web application Recall that in section 12.3.2, we configured the template files used by <webdoclet> to include servlets conditionally. We now need to add the Axis configuration details to the same template files. The first step is to extract the settings from the Axis/WEB-INF/ web.xml file, so we open it in an editor and find the <servlet> and <servletmapping> tags. The servlet settings we insert into the servlets.xml file that <webdoclet> uses to build our web application s web.xml file is as follows:
7.1.1 Keeping the HQL together
Clicking this link opens the Data Source Configuration Wizard window. This supports a few different kinds of sources. It may vary depending on exactly which edition of Visual Studio you have installed, but you may see Database, Service, Object, and SharePoint offered. We re binding to objects that s why we added the ToDoEntry class so we ll select Object and click Next. The next page, shown in Figure 22-2, lets us choose the object types we plan to bind to the ToDoEntry class in this case. When we click Finish, the BindingSource now knows what kind of object it will be working with. The final step is to supply it with the specific objects. If we had connected to a database, Visual Studio could arrange to fetch the data automatically, but since we re binding to objects, it s our job to provide those objects. We do this in the code behind. By default, Visual Studio shows you the design view for a form, but if you rightclick, you ll see a View Code option (or you can just press F7) to see the code behind. As with WPF, Silverlight, and ASP.NET, the code behind is a partial class in which you add code to handle events and work with the UI Visual Studio generates the other part of this partial class based on what you do in the designer. We ll modify the code behind by making the additions highlighted in Example 22-2.
point of failure. This cheapo solution offers no redundancy and provides no ability to scale out. In figure 8.1, an application server with a network share would also be represented by the storage block. Now that we ve looked at some of the lower-end solutions, let s take a look at some of the typical high-scale solutions that are used, starting with Distributed File Systems.
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