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Depending on the development environment, there are several continuous integration server tools and technologies you can employ. One popular continuous integration stack includes
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Listing 2.7 Creating an IFrame
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IDE integration
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Windows Forms
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use Image::Size qw(html_imgsize); my $html_width_height = html_imgsize($img_file); print qq(<IMG SRC="$img_file" $html_width_height>);
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CalendarEvent[] events =
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Listing 4.12 Using the objViewSpec property
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Object declaration (init, postinit, isInitialized(), new) JavaFX Script objects have no constructors, preferring its trademark declarative syntax instead. The init block of code is called once all class variables have been assigned, and once finished the object is considered initialized. The postinit block is then called.
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We ve gone from a capacity of 16 to 32 to 64 characters. OK; can you guess what happens if we append another 30 characters (to push ourselves over the 64-character limit) as Example 10-68 does
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Ajax Control Toolkit 521 controls, adding to Visual Studio Toolbox 495 definition 333 extenders 333 342 installing 493 497 namespace 343 project 343 sample website 342 script files 340 Ajax Control Toolkit API 343 357 attributes 345 base classes 343 344 Ajax patterns 521 Ajax programming browser compatibility 14 development issues 14 15 JavaScript 15 Ajax server extensions controls 116 defining 115 116 guidelines 116 AjaxControlToolkit.Animation namespace 359 AjaxControlToolkit.Animation.createAnimation method 368 AjaxControlToolkit.Design namespace 355 AjaxControlToolkit.dll 335 AjaxControlToolkit.dll assembly 340 Ajax-enabled control 300, 333, 428, 431, 434 creating 343 overview 306 311 Ajax-enabled user control 437 AjaxLogin class 326 AjaxLogin control creating 323 326 AjaxLogin script control building 326 328 521 Alert action 395 alert function 75, 271, 395 AlertAction 394 anchor tag 474 AND operator 103 animation 357 369 basics 359 360
In order for us to have run our tests and have build speed too, we need to perform our own dependency checking. First, we must determine the situations where we can skip tests. If all of the following conditions are true, then we can consider skipping the tests: Production code is up-to-date. Test code is up-to-date. Data files used during testing are up-to-date. Test results are up-to-date with the test case classes.
If you use a Graphics object that is passed to you from another part of the program (like that e.Graphics reference in the preceding Paint event handler), you should not dispose of it. Each creator is responsible for disposing of its own objects.
Equation 12.1 The classic vector space model formula for calculating the weight (score) of a document by multiplying the term frequency (tf) by the log of the inverse document frequency (idf).
public List findUsersByExample(User u) throws { Example exampleUser = Example.create(u) .ignoreCase() .enableLike(MatchMode.ANYWHERE) .excludeProperty("password"); return getSession().createCriteria(User.class) .add(exampleUser) .list(); }
<script type="text/javascript"> function page_load(sender, e){ alert("Hello from XML-Script!"); } </script>
The Table service, a whole different entity
function sendRequest(url,params,HttpMethod){ if (!HttpMethod){ HttpMethod="POST"; } var req=getXMLHTTPRequest(); if (req){,url,true); req.setRequestHeader ("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"); req.send(params); } }
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