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that we ve defined. These templates represent a full HTML document, but we only want to render the message. We could instead use a custom IHttpHandler to intercept a different file extension and not use the page template. This would look something like listing 12.3.
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166 | 6: Data and Data Types
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Listing 8.24 the second version
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The pie chart in figure 14.8 was created using the next code snippet. It charts the result of a database query selecting nine directors and the number of movies by these directors in the movie database.
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Hibernate now filters out duplicate root entity references before returning the result this is effectively the same filtering that occurs in HQL or JPA QL if you use the DISTINCT keyword.
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2.3.1 Getting MySQL
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Listing 5.2 EJB business method interceptors
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The drag-and-drop engine
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It s Apple who has brought the WebKit to the greatest prominence to date, and thus it should be no surprise that it s Apple who is pushing hardest on new features for the WebKit. It s those new features that should excite you as iPhone developers, because they represent totally new functionality that you can use on the iPhone and that isn t yet available on Internet Explorer or Firefox. You ll innately be making your web apps incompatible with those browsers if you start depending heavily on WebKit tricks, but we figure that s the point: using all the tricks you can to produce the best possible web apps for use largely or exclusively by the iPhone. As you ll recall from chapter 3, there s some information on the WebKit at Apple s Web Apps site. As of this writing, it s pretty rudimentary, but we suspect it ll improve with time. Even now it has somewhat greater breadth than this chapter, covering some special functions that we don t get to here.
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check for them. If the technology is not detected, you should ideally deliver the user to an alternative page that displays the same information in a different format. If that s not possible, you should at least deliver users to a page that explains why they can t display the content. Simply displaying a nonworking page is probably the worst alternative of all. Once you get past those third-party software packages, most things will work correctly in your browser. As we ve already discussed, DOM, CSS, and JavaScript are among the advanced web techniques that will work as expected when viewed on an iPhone. However, there s a big asterisk on the statement that JavaScript works, and that has to do with events.
@End public String doSave() { item = em.merge(item); return "success"; }
<delete failonerror="false" verbose="true"> <fileset dir="${src.dir}" includes="*.bak"/> </delete>
Here we show the package name, but most examples will not (to save space). The following is the mapping file fragment itself, which is either handwritten or generated:
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