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4.2.4 Ordering of advice in a single aspect It is also possible to have multiple pieces of advice in one aspect that you want to apply to a pointcut. Since the advice resides in the same aspect, aspect precedence rules can no longer apply. In such cases, the advice that appears first lexically inside the aspect executes first. Note that the only way to control precedence between multiple advice in an aspect is to arrange them lexically. Let s illustrate this rule through a simple example (listing 4.11) that shows both the effect of the precedence rule and its interaction between different types of advice. 10 presents a real-world example in which understanding interadvice precedence is important in authentication and authorization aspects.
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If ViewState("TestArray") IsNot Nothing Then Dim strNewArray( ) As String strNewArray = CType(ViewState("TestArray"), String( )) End If
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Starting a project
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4.1 Retrieving an environment variable
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Associations and components
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SampleLoginModule 330 scattering of decisions authorization example, conventional 345 security API J2SE 1.4 324 Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 324 security concern 324 auditing 324 authentication 324 authorization 324 code scattering 325 code tangling 325 cryptography 324
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Wow! Can you believe that Similarly, you can use the em.remove and em.merge methods to migrate the JDBC code for remove or update operations. Next we ll explain how you can migrate your SQL SELECT statements to use JPQL.
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3.1 Using a data source
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Get socket
Unit testing with JUnit and DBUnit
HTML Help files are built from multiple source files: Content files, especially standard HTML files, communicate core information to the user, either through static text and graphics or through advanced web-pagestyle behaviors and scripts normally available in web pages. The Help Contents file uses .hhc for its file extension. Using standard HTML <ul> and <li> tags, the file specifies the hierarchical table of contents used by the help file.
Now that you ve gotten Ant fundamentals down for compiling, using datatypes and properties, and testing, we move to executing Java and native programs from within Ant.
Tab-based interfaces Navigation-based interfaces The flipside controller
Tests for a potential rollback
Test Resources
Test Your Knowledge: Exercise
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