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The <deploymentdescriptor/> subtask tells XDoclet to generate the deployment descriptor for the beans it has examined from the file set described in the <fileset/> tag. XDoclet will also take care of including any other additions in the descriptor along with the actual bean description. As long as you keep this subtask in your <ejbdoclet/> task, XDoclet will generate or regenerate the XML deployment descriptor for each modified bean class in the file set. As you can tell, all you need to provide is the destination directory for the XML file. XDoclet can also generate the numerous other pieces of the ejb-jar.xml file for your beans. This includes security roles, method permission, and related EJBs. As you add more XDoclet JavaDoc comments to your bean source files, more generated XML will appear. Many of the additional tags are covered in other recipes.
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Now that we have our basic banking example, let s apply transaction management to it. First, we will examine the conventional approach, and then we will explain the AspectJ solutions.
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Click on Create or Manage roles, and create three roles: Manager, Employee, and Customer. Click on the Back button to go back to the Security page. Click on Create user, and create three users, as follows: report barcode 2of5 tostring
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Listing 4.8
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RC server 189 installing 189 installing as Windows service 191 recording tests 185 running in different browser contexts 189 running tests 187 table test format 185 targets 187 test suite 187 values 187 self-service test deploy 290 separation of powers 279 serialization, unnecessary, fixing 279 setup project 241 seven deadly sins of slow software builds 278 282 SHFB 233 Documentation Sources 235 MSBuild 235 237 MSBuild task 236 Silverlight, test automation 182 184 Skype, providing build notifications via 142 SmartSVN 42 Smith, Steven 10 source control 14, 29 65 and CI golden rule 32 benefits 31 32 centralized systems 33 centralized vs. distributed 32 33 choosing 30 35 CI 30 distributed systems 33 explicit checkout 34 explicit lock 31 file blocking 34 vs. non file blocking 32, 34 free vs. paid 32 33 labeling revisions 31 locking vs. blocking 35 transactional vs. nontransactional 32 Sources attribute 72 SOX 259 and CI 287 SQL script, editing in T-SQL Editor 267 SQL Server, developers running local copies 261 SSL, and SVN 36
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Building the dynamic XML document As always, we build our XML document on the server. Following our policy of using different server languages for our illustrations, we ve implemented the server code for this chapter in PHP. Ajax can work with any server-side language, and the fine details of the server code aren t important to our story here. Listing 12.5 shows the server-side code. The code obtains the querystring parameter and generates a result set of a database query. We then loop through the result set and create an entry in the XML file for each phone entry returned from the query, following our basic template (listing 12.4).
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import de.gmd.ipsi.xql.*; import de.gmd.ipsi.domutil.*; import org.w3c.dom.*; import; /** * A data access object * for customer data * using XQL */ public class CustomerDAOX { protected String fileName = null;
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Before we can start writing JavaFX applications, we need the right software. Next you ll find web addresses to the downloads you need to get started. For each piece of software read the licenses (if any) and requirements carefully, and follow the download and installation instructions. Please read over this section before downloading anything, particularly if you re new to Java. It contains information in later subsections that helps you get a solid overview of which tools you may want to download and install. The JavaFX tools themselves fall into two categories: the JavaFX SDK for programmers and the JavaFX Production Suite for designers. Their contents are outlined in the sections that deal with each. This book primarily focuses on the programmer tools (the SDK), although for the full experience it s recommended that you download both.
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The AFM files are used when you create a Font like this:
To see the KJava database wrapper in action, we go back to Jbed to rebuild our application. First make sure the ObtainQuote project is in use. Go to the Projects menu bar option and make sure the ObtainQuote project is checked. Next, open the file by selecting the File menu bar option and selecting the Open menu item. After finding and selecting the in the Open dialog box, add the code discussed previously to the Java program in the text editor. In particular, add the two new methods, storePrice() and getLastPrice(), 272
likely you are to switch over and check e-mail or the latest news on Slashdot. These small distractions add up very quickly to murder productivity. In this chapter, you ll see the cost of manual development, and learn the secrets that others have long known: how you build something is almost important as what you build. We ll introduce the tools and techniques that great EJB programmers use to automate testing, streamline builds, and generate code.
2.2.4 Extension interfaces
Listing 9.12 might be slightly confusing because we ve used the TimerTask classes. Because we can t control the animation from within the OnCreate method, we need to create two subclasses that call Animation-Drawable s start and stop methods. The first subclass, MyAnimationRoutine, extends TimerTask B and calls the frame-Animation. start() method for the AnimationDrawable bound to the ImageView background. If you run the project now, you should see something like figure 9.3. As you can see, creating an Animation with XML in Android is pretty simple. You can make the animations reasonably complex, as you would with any stop-motion-type
A class that is a holder for the mementos
<jsp:forward page="/index.shtml"/>
While we certainly could show you how to tightly couple your web application to Hibernate and put Hibernate logic directly into a WebWork or Struts Action, we generally try to avoid that. If you are like us, you work on lots of projects, with lots of different web frameworks, so knowing a web framework to get the job done is a bit more useful.
Attributes => {width => $width, height => $height}); bless $self, $class; } sub line { my $self my ($r1, my ($x1, my ($x2,
When you open a corrupt PDF file in Adobe Reader, you can expect the message, There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired. PdfReader will also throw an exception when you try to read such a file. You can get an InvalidPdfException with the following message: Rebuild failed: trailer not found; original message: PDF startxref not found. If that happens, iText can t do anything about it: the file is damaged, and it can t be repaired. You ll have to contact the person who created the document, and ask him or her to create a version of the document that s a valid PDF file. In other cases, for example if a rogue application added unwanted carriage return characters, Adobe Reader will open the document and either ignore the fact that the PDF isn t syntactically correct, or will show the warning The file is damaged but is being repaired very briefly. PdfReader can also overcome small damages like this. No alert box is shown, because iText isn t necessarily used in an environment with a GUI. You can use the method isRebuilt() to check whether or not a PDF needed repairing. You may also have difficulties trying to read encrypted PDF files.
Before we begin, update the web.config file for this service by adding another section for the service under the sectionGroup area:
The new value for the counter; optional. [Integer] The client, branch, or label view to operate upon; optional default //.... [String]
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