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private String getOutputFormat(HttpServletRequest request) { String userAgent = request.getHeader("User-Agent"); // this is where your robust user-agent lookup should happen if (userAgent.indexOf("UP.Browser") >= 0) return "wml"; return "html"; } private String getLocaleString(HttpServletRequest request) { Enumeration locales = request.getHeaders("Accept-Language"); while (locales.hasMoreElements()) { String locale = (String) locales.nextElement(); if (locale.equalsIgnoreCase("en_GB")) return "en_GB"; } return "en_US"; } private String getStylesheet(String outputFormat, String locale) { if (locale.equals("en_US")) { if (outputFormat.equals("html")) return "watchlist.html.en_US.xsl"; else return "watchlist.wml.en_US.xsl"; } else { if (outputFormat.equals("html")) return "watchlist.html.en_GB.xsl"; else return "watchlist.wml.en_GB.xsl"; } } public void destroy() {} }
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Too many SQL statements may be executed. Set fetch="join" on many-to-one and one-to-one association mappings. In rare cases, if you re absolutely sure, enable fetch="join" to disable lazy loading for particular collections. Keep in mind that more than one eagerly fetched collection per persistent class creates a product. Evaluate whether your use case can benefit from prefetching of collections, with batches or subselects. Use batch sizes between 3 and 15.
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Add a data-generation plan to create test data for your database. qr code rdlc
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B.2 Crafting enterprise beans
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Figure 4.3 This sequence diagram shows aspect creation and association points for object-based association. For this illustration, we specify the perthis
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Both the <javac> and <jar> tasks will compare the sources and the destinations and decide which to compile or add to the archive. Ant must call every task in the target-derived order, and the tasks can choose whether or not to do work. The advantage of this approach is that the tasks can contain more domain-specific knowledge than the build tool, such as performing directory hierarchy-aware dependency checking, or even addressing dependency issues across a network: Ant s FTP and HTTP tasks can use dependency checking to manage their downloads or uploads. The other subtlety of using wildcards to describe source files, JAR files on the classpath, and the like is that you can add new files without having to edit the build file. This is nice when projects start to grow it keeps build file maintenance to a minimum. It may seem that invoking tasks to check dependencies adds overhead to the execution, but because most tasks are just Java classes that are loaded into the current JVM, there is little overhead compared to having the run time do any file dependency checking. Even when a task works by executing a native application, the Java code can perform the task-specific dependency checking before calling that native program. 12
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A caution about T4 code generation
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Listing 1.16
/** * SessionContext of this EJB; this will be injected by the EJB * Container because it's marked w/ @Resource */ @Resource private SessionContext context;
properties 135 removing 488 retrieveing anonymous function 458 router for 139 using markers 125 W3C multiple event handler system 83 W3C not recommended 138 event model browser differences 137 calling callback functions 137 classic 134 new W3C 137 normalized in Prototype library 409 event types, multiple 84 event.keyCode, IE property 379 event.srcElement, IE property 379 EventRouter constructor 141 in ObjectViewer 156 execution context, creating 350 extend(), in Prototype 395 external files CSS 47 JavaScript 47
encoding failonerror file filtering flatten includeemptydirs overwrite Character encoding. [String] If false, notes errors to the output but keeps going. [Boolean] Single source file to copy. [File] If true, enables filtering. [Boolean] When copying directory trees, the files can be flattened into a single directory. [Boolean] Used to copy empty directories. [Boolean] Overwrites any existing destination file(s). [Boolean]
Listing 10.8 Attaching the event handlers
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