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The client logic encapsulated in the behavior is simple, but it s helpful in case you want to reduce the HTTP traffic generated by a control that processes the user input in real time. The next step is to create an extender to wire this client functionality to an ASP.NET TextBox control. The TextChangedExtender class The TextChangedExtender class is located in the TextChangedExtender.cs file generated by the Visual Studio template. This class inherits from the ExtenderControlBase class and is supposed to wire the client functionality provided by the TextChangedBehavior component to an ASP.NET TextBox control. If you open the TextChangedExtender.cs file, you ll find the following statement just before the class declaration:
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As we explained in section 11.1.5, if the custom component is located in a different namespace than those listed in table 11.1, you should declare a new XML namespace. In the page element, you associate the cc prefix with a URI that contains the namespace to which the component belongs. The next custom action you ll create extends the existing PostBack action and prompts the user with a confirmation message before triggering the postback of the page. If the user answers Yes, the postback is performed; otherwise, it s aborted. The code is shown in listing 11.10.
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The file manager is a class that allows you to easily manipulate files by creating them, moving them, deleting them, and otherwise modifying them. As is the case with many classes we ve seen, you initialize it by accessing a shared object. You can do lots of things with the file manager, including copying (as we ve done here) and checking for a file s existence (which we ll demonstrate shortly). You should look at the NSFileManager class reference for complete information. As we ll see, the NSFileManager is one of numerous classes that you can use to work with files.
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If you are interested in learning more about Ajax, check out the following resources:
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16.6 Summary
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Then somewhere else in your code, maybe a Button Click event handler, for example, you want to retrieve the contents of that ViewState object and do something with it. You must first verify that the object exists before trying to use it, because if for some reason it does not exist, it will throw an exception and crash your program. You can verify the object s existence with an If...Then block that tests to see if the ViewState object is Nothing, as in the following code snippet:
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Listing 18.8 Creating a sample profile crystal report code 128
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<td>Name</td> <td>Manufacturer</td> <td>Price</td> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <% var i = 0; %> <% foreach (var product in products) { %> <tr> <td><%= Html.ActionLink("Edit", "Edit", new { id = product.Id }) %></td> Uses expression<td> based templates <%= Html.DisplayFor(m => m[i].Name) %> </td> <td><%= Html.DisplayFor(m => m[i].ManufacturerName)%></td> <td><%= Html.DisplayFor(m => m[i].Price)%></td> </tr> <% i++; } %> </tbody> </table>
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persistent data and lazy-load the other fields. Similarly, BMP implementations usually flush all data to the data store on commit, instead of simply writing the fields that have actually changed. This practice can lead to wasteful data transfer, reindexing of unchanged data, and even to spurious execution of database triggers. This problem can become significant if your entity beans have many fields or have a few large fields, such as image or document data.
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New tasks can easily be added in Java The fact that it is easy to extend Ant with new classes is one of its core strengths. Often, someone will have encountered the same build step that you have and will have written the task to perform it, so you can just use their work. 1.2.1 An example project Figure 1.1 shows the conceptual view of an Ant build file as a graph of targets, each target containing the tasks. When the project is built, the Ant run time determines which targets need to be executed, and chooses an order for the execution that guarantees a target is executed after all those targets it depends on. If a task somehow fails, it signals this to the run time, which halts the build. This lets simple rules such as deploy after compiling be described, as well as more complex ones such as deploy only after the unit tests and JSP compilation have succeeded.
There s no significance in declaring commaSep as a Java String. Under-the-hood JavaFX Script strings use Java strings, so either would have worked. However, because split() is a Java method, returning a Java native array, I thought the code would be more readable if I spelled out explicitly the Java connection.
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