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Deploying and unit testing
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game. Restoring the grid after a load operation would cause the trigger to mistakenly fix all the existing non-zero cells, including those added by the player. Some may be wrong; indeed some may be clashes! How would the player feel if she were unable to change them For all the power JavaFX Script gives us, it must be acknowledged that sometimes the simplest solution is the best, even if it doesn t give us a chance to show fellow programmers just how clever-clever we are. We have one final new function in our class: checkStats()populates the numEmpty and numClashes variables. It s called from the update() function, so it will run whenever the grid sequence is changed. The completed variable is bound to these variables and will become true when both are 0. Let s now turn to the final piece of the puzzle (groan!), the GUI.
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<subclass name="CreditCard" discriminator-value="CC"> <property name="type" column="CREDIT_CARD_TYPE"/> ... </subclass> ... </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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Description The TabControl control lets you divide the controls of your form into multiple tabbed regions. Each named tab has an associated TabPage control, which works a lot like the Panel control. Add or paste subordinate controls directly to each TabPage control. This control implements the standard Windows text box, in both its singleline and multiline styles. The main body content is set through the Text property. The PasswordChar and UseSystemPasswordChar properties allow you to mask the input when accepting a user-supplied password. This control triggers a timed event at an interval you specify. The size of the interval, in milliseconds, is set through the Interval property. If the Enabled property is set to True, the Tick event handler will be called at each met interval. Although you can set the interval as small as one millisecond, it is unlikely that you will achieve this frequency with today s hardware. The ToolStrip control implements a toolbar on which other controls appear. It comes with a set of associated controls and classes that provide advanced rendering and user interaction features. The ToolStripContainer control provides a convenient way to add MenuStrip, StatusStrip, and ToolStrip controls to the edges of a form. The ToolTip control lets you indicate a tool tip for other controls on the form. When used, it adds a ToolTip pseudoproperty to each of the other form controls, through which you can supply the associated tool tip text. When the mouse hovers over a control with an assigned tool tip text, a small text window appears temporarily over the control to provide useful information to the user. The TrackBar control allows the user to make a selection among a small number of related and ordered values. Its real-world counterpart is the volume control on a radio. Use this control as an alternative to an HScrollBar, NumericUpDown, or VScrollBar control when warranted. The TreeView control presents a set of items in a hierarchical arrangement. It is quite similar to the directory tree portion of the (pre-Vista) Windows File Explorer. Each item in the tree is a node that can have zero or more child nodes. This control implements a vertical scroll bar, allowing the user to scroll among a display region or list of choices. For a horizontal implementation of this control, use the HScrollBar control. Several other controls include their own copy of these scroll bars. Implements a web browser within your application. You can use the standard web-based navigation features available within Internet Explorer for URL-based access, or provide your own custom HTML content through the DocumentText property or related properties.
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Most user input on the iPhone results in an event being placed into a responder chain. This is a linked set of objects that, for the most part, goes backward up through the view hierarchy. Any input is captured by the first responder, which tends to be the object that the user is directly interacting with. If that object can t resolve the input, it sends it up to its superview (e.g., a label might send it up to its full-screen view), then to its superview, all the way up the chain (e.g., up through the views, then up through the view controllers). If input gets all the way up the view hierarchy to the window object, it s next sent on to the application itself, which tends to pass it off to an application delegate as a last resort. Any of these objects could choose to handle an event, which stops its movement up the responder chain. Following the standard MVC model, you ll often be building
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Data access with NHibernate
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C.1 Using Ant in an IDE 536 C.2 Some Ant-aware IDEs 537 C.3 Making the most of a combined IDE/Ant build process 543
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Messaging with the queue
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BuildFontStyle function
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As usual, you are not actually declaring an array. Technically, you are declaring a variable (myIntArray) that will hold a reference to an array of integers. As always, we ll use the shorthand and refer to myIntArray as the array, knowing that we really mean it is a variable that holds a reference to an (unnamed) array.
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Exercise Solutions
The ServiceContract attribute s SessionMode property determines the nature of the relationship between the server and any particular client. By default, the relationship is presumed to be transient, not necessarily lasting any longer than a single operation. This reflects the fact that WCF is designed to support web services, and HTTP does not offer any idea of a connection between the client and the server that lasts longer than a single request.
(That would normally be on one long line with no spaces it has been split to fit on the page.) This means that anytime we use an element whose name starts with the ctl: prefix, we re using a type defined in the System.Windows.Controls namespace, in the System.Windows.Controls DLL (or assembly, as .NET calls DLLs and EXEs). While WPF uses the same XML namespace mechanism for control libraries, the TreeView is built into the main .NET Framework. So you can use it like any other element, and you don t need to add extra DLLs or XML namespace prefixes. Microsoft provides a suite of extra controls for Silverlight in the Silverlight Toolkit, available from http://www.codeplex.com/Silverlight; at http://www.codeplex.com/wpf you ll find the WPF Toolkit, which offers some additional controls for WPF.
DESCRIPTION Using JMS for a synchronous request/reply style of communication MOST FREQUENT SCALE Application REFACTORED SOLUTION NAME Use synchronous communication technologies where appropriate. REFACTORED SOLUTION TYPE Software REFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION If a request/reply style of communication is needed, consider using Java RMI or SOAP. ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE How can I return a result once the consumer handles the message SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES Undesirable coupling between producers and consumers, negating the benefits of asynchronous messaging
The settings system in Visual Basic 2008 is a multifile, XML-based, strongly typed, and easy-to-manage configuration approach. Its file-focused methodology includes these features and benefits: Data is stored in XML format for efficient processing by .NET libraries. Although it is not free-form text, XML is not overwhelmingly difficult when manual updates need to be made by mere mortals. The data stored in each settings-specific file is strongly typed, reducing errors from the processing of invalid data. Settings are managed on a per-application, per-user, and even per-assemblyversion basis to promote security and reduce conflicts. You can also store multiple sets of settings per application as you require, such as one set of settings per document opened by your application. (I won t discuss it in this chapter, but you can search for SettingsKey property in the online help for additional information on this feature.) Visual Studio includes a user-friendly management tool used to configure settings within an application. Visual Basic has its own simple interface to make the use and update of settings at runtime easier. But it s not all fun and games. As a developer, you have to do some of the heavy lifting, such as coming up with meaningful names for each setting ( MainFormLocation, DatabaseConnection, etc.), and altering the behavior of your program as needed based on the stored settings. The actual settings appear in XML files scattered throughout the filesystem: At design time, all the settings you create get stored in a Settings.settings file, stored in the My Project subdirectory of your source code folder. Here s the Settings.settings file as it exists so far in the Library Project:
When we speak of animation using Core Animation, what we re talking about is changing the properties of the CALayer and then smoothly animating those property changes. The CALayer class reference lists which properties can be animated; they
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