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Figure 2.9 The Explain window showing how the document s score was calculated
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... </class>
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You apply a read-only strategy for the Bid class:
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This chapter covers
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interprets as true), then connections will be tested using the query defined in the Pool.PingQuery property when they are determined to be at risk for invalidation. The default value for this property is false, meaning that connections will never be pinged before use. The next three properties are used to determine the behavior of connection pinging.
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Multiples components on a single class
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To test whether you understand the Factory Method pattern, cover the lefthand column of the table below and see if you can identify its players among the items from the illustrative example (Figure 5-2), as shown in the righthand column. Then check your answers against the lefthand column.
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The action of invoking the InputEvent delegate causes the method currently assigned to it (here, OnInput) to be invoked. Thus, the callback from one class to the other is achieved. More than one method can be associated with a delegate; when such a delegate is invoked, all its methods are called. Thus, if another object needed to know about input in the preceding example, it could add its own handler method on to InputEvent using +=. Event handlers can be removed using -=. cf. C# Language Specification Version 3.0, September 2007, Section 10.8
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<database-object> <create> alter table CATEGORY add constraint UNIQUE_SIBLINGS unique (CAT_NAME, PARENT_CATEGORY_ID); </create> <drop> drop constraint UNIQUE_SIBLINGS </drop> </database-object>
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<TextBox Top="10" Left="100" Name="eurobox" />
Figure 13.5 Outer join fetching of associated collection elements
entity fails to be inserted, the context object will stop attempting to save any further entities. Any entities that were saved successfully won t be rolled back and will remain in the table. SaveOptions.ContinueOnError If this option is passed as part of the SaveChanges call, and an entity fails to save, the context object will continue to save all other entities. SaveOptions.Batch If this option is passed as part of the SaveChanges call, all entities will be processed as a batch in the scope of a single transaction known as an entity group transaction. If any of the entities being inserted as part of the batch fails to be inserted, the whole batch will be rolled back. These are the rules for using entity group transactions:
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First steps with Ajax
OutOfMemoryException TimeoutException
If you want to include one of the special formatting characters, you can do so by escaping it with a backslash. Don t forget that the C# compiler will attempt to interpret backslash as an escape character in a literal string, but in this case, we don t want that we want to include a backslash in the string that we pass to ToString. So unless you are using the @ symbol as a literal string prefix, you ll need to escape the escape character as Example 10-28 shows.
Multitasking with Handler and Message
package jfxia.chapter9; import import import import import import import import import import javafx.scene.Node; javafx.scene.CustomNode; javafx.scene.Group; javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent; javafx.scene.paint.Color; javafx.scene.paint.LinearGradient; javafx.scene.paint.Stop; javafx.scene.shape.Polygon; javafx.scene.shape.Rectangle; javafx.scene.text.Font;
try { ... attempt an operation here } catch( Exception ex ) { ... catch any exceptions here } finally { ... perform clean-up tasks here }
Table 4.1 WebKit HTML elements give some new basic features for your iPhone web design. Tag Summary WebKit/JavaScript drawing object; discussed in chapter 6 Sets content (which could be text or other object) as a horizontally scrolling marquee Metatag for the iPhone; discussed in chapter 3
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