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Figure 12.7 Our JSON result from the browser opened up in Notepad. The .json extension causes the response to be JSON instead of HTML.
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Figure 11.6 Using Identity-H instead of different encodings
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iPhone Debug is great for troubleshooting JavaScript code on your iPhone, but you may also want to debug plain HTML possibly when you don t have a desktop computer available. For this situation, there s one more tool that you might find useful: bookmarklets. The word bookmarklet comes from combining the words bookmark and applet. They re little bits of JavaScript code that are encoded as URLs. Thus, when you see a mini-application that you like, you save it as a bookmark, and then you can activate it at any time just by selecting the appropriate link from your bookmark list. For the iPhone, bookmarklets can give you all the client-side functionality that you want but don t have access to: things like viewing source, and using client-side tools like those found in Firefox and Safari. Listing 8.1 shows code that will view the source of a page, written by Erwin Harte based on original code by Abe Fettig.
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Callback functions
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Figure A.10 One-to-many array: Event to Speaker
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incoming request Parses BLOB name and retrieves BLOB
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Session and message-driven beans
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Configuration cfg = new Configuration().configure(); SchemaExport schemaExport = new SchemaExport(cfg); schemaExport.create(false, true);
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Example A-57. The XAML for Exercise 19-2
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Again the foreign key column in ITEM is mapped with a property reference to customerNr. In annotations, this is a lot easier to map as an inverse side:
Solution to Exercise 17-4. Rewrite the observer class in Exercise 17-3 to use a lambda expression instead of an anonymous method. Again, the only change you have to make is to the event registration code in the observer class. You need to remove the keyword delegate and insert the lambda operator =>. You don t actually need the braces, since the method is only one statement, but it doesn t hurt to leave them in, either. Example A-53 shows the solution.
10.3.3 Preparing the directory providers
Types of XQuery 1.0 expressions (continued)
You can modify the values that you set in the service configuration file dynamically at runtime by using the Azure portal. First, though, you have to redeploy your application. If you need a little help, skip back to chapter 2 and review that information. After your application is redeployed and running in the fabric, you can easily modify any of your configuration settings. Select either the production or staging version of the role, and then click Configure. You re redirected to the page shown in figure 5.2, in which you can modify the runtime configuration settings for the role that you selected. The Azure portal doesn t have any fancy editors; all you see is a big text box with your service configuration file in it. Bet you re glad you paid attention during XML school now. The Azure portal lets you directly edit the contents of the configuration settings or upload a new version of the service configuration file. After you apply your changes, they re instantly replicated to all instances of your web role; in some cases you don t have to restart any of the roles. Figure 5.3 shows that you ve modified the Figure 5.3 Your web page showing a configuration setting mySetting from Hello configuration setting that you modified Birds Hello Trees to Hello Birds . via the Azure portal
view is facing. A game needs a score, so we ll track the number of moves the player has made, the objective being to solve the maze in as few moves as possible. The interface looks fairly simple, and that s because I want to spend most of the pages ahead concentrating on the 3D part of the game rather than on mundane control panel components. The 3D effect is quite an unusual use of the scene graph, and it demands careful forward thinking and node management. Let s start by looking at the theory behind how it works.
Distinct them (collection load)
string[] items = inputString.Split(' ', ',', '.');
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