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Next, we establish a line width, with pgslw(), and a character height with pgsch(). The line width is specified in units of 1/200 of an inch, and must be an integer between 1 and 201, inclusive. The character height defaults to 1.0, which normally corresponds to approximately 1/40 of the view size. Setting the character height also influences the length of tick marks. The call to pgenv() sets up the graph and axes, and establishes the scaling for subsequent calls to the plotting functions. It is basically a wrapper around pgswin() and pgbox() (see user s manual). The first four arguments define how, in PGPLOT terminology, world coordinates will be translated into viewport coordinates. In other words, it defines the minimum and maximum values for your X and Y axis. In this example we set the X axis range from 1 to 5.5, and the Y axis range from 5 to 30. If the fifth argument is equal to 1, the X and Y axis scales will be equal; you almost never want this. The last argument is an integer that specifies how the axes will be formatted, and valid values for this argument can be found in the following table:
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11.4.3 Performing O/R mapping with orm.xml
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Because I am currently in the GMT time zone, and daylight saving is not in operation, I am at an offset of zero from UTC, so no apparent conversion takes place. But note the suffix Z which indicates a UTC time:
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Rules for good interfaces Local and remote interfaces Rules for distributing an application Data transfer objects
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Choosing a cache provider For now, Hibernate forces you to choose a single cache provider for the whole application. Providers for the following open source products are built into Hibernate:
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Mobile devices use the Short Message Service (SMS), a hugely popular and important means of communication, to send simple text messages with small amounts of data. Android includes a built-in SMS application that allows users to send, view, and reply to SMS messages. Along with the built-in user-facing apps and the related ContentProvider for interacting with the default text-messaging app, the SDK provides APIs for developers to send and receive messages programmatically. Because Android now supplies an excellent built-in SMS message application, you might wonder why anyone would bother building another one. The Android market sells several superior third-party SMS messaging applications, but SMS can do a lot more than text your contacts. For example, you could build an application that, upon receiving a special SMS, sends back another SMS containing its location information. Due to the nature of SMS, this strategy might succeed, while another approach like trying to get the phone to transmit its location in real time would fail. Alternately, adding SMS as another communications channel can enhance other applications. Best of all, Android makes working with SMS relatively simple and straightforward. To explore Android s SMS support, you ll create an app that sends and receives SMS messages. The screen in figure 7.4 shows the SMS-related Activity you ll build in the TelephonyExplorer application. To get started working with SMS, you ll first build a class that programmatically sends SMS mesFigure 7.4 An Activity that sends sages, using the SmsManager. SMS messages
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from Bid bid where ( bid.amount / 0.71 ) - 100.0 > 0.0
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Testing the mapping layer itself, including the mappings, SQL statements, and the domain objects they re mapped to Testing the DAO layer, which allows you to test any persistence specific logic that may be in your DAO Testing within the DAO consumer layer
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Bitter sessions
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Notice the colon after the index, followed by the simple or custom formatting string, which transforms the output:
Implementing this solution is quite easy with Hibernate Search. You need to keep the previous Lucene query around in some kind of conversational context. In a simple architecture, HTTPSession can fulfill that role; if you use JBoss Seam, a standard conversation is your best bet. Listing 8.11 shows a possible implementation.
Optimizing fetching and caching
Figure 5.28 This diagram shows how the various commands and event handling of those commands on the ObtainQuote and RetrieveQuote MIDlets invoke displays.
query.setParameter("lowPrice", lowPriceValue) query.setParameter("highPrice", highPriceValue) List items = query.getResultList();
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