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TextChanged.TextChangedBehavior = function(element) { TextChanged.TextChangedBehavior.initializeBase(this, [element]); // TODO : (Step 1) Add your property variables here // this._text = ''; this._timeout = 500; this._timer = null; }
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Accessing join point information
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With many custom routes, it s easy for a URL to be caught by the wrong route. It d be nice if we had a diagnostic tool to display which routes are being matched (and used) so we could quickly catch these types of errors.
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import java.awt.EventQueue; public abstract aspect AsynchronousExecutionAspect { public abstract pointcut asyncOperations();
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If you use the @WebService annotation on the interface, then all public methods on the web service endpoint will be exposed in the web service. In our example we have only one method (addBid), and it will be exposed in the web service. A careful look at the code reveals that the @WebService endpoint interface looks similar to the remote interface. You might be tempted to mark the same interface as both a web service and a remote interface, like this:
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Creating the rich user interface
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Listing 4.2 Configuring multiple roles in the service definition file
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Assigning a role to an EJB 238 2.9 Specifying security roles in the bean source 63 7.2 Assigning and determining EJB client security roles 232 Preventing access to entity data 239 241 datamatrix reader
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Table 10.3 Values of configuration properties Value suggestDivClassName Explanation Specifies the CSS class name of the div element that will be generated to hold the suggestions. Specifies the CSS class name of the span element that is generated for each suggestion. Specifies the CSS class name of the span holding the portion of the suggestion that matches what the user has typed in. A boolean value indicating whether or not the div generated for the suggestions should size itself to match the width of the text field it is attached to. Specifies a hex value (or any valid value used as a CSS color specification) for the background color of the selected suggestion. A boolean value that specifies whether the match should be looked for only at the beginning of a string or anywhere. continued on next page
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As you can see, using Response.Write() from our code is a cumbersome way to render content for an Ajax request when the logic is nontrivial. As the number and size of the Ajax requests and responses increase, Response.Write() becomes difficult to maintain. This Law of Demeter violation also increases the difficulty of unit testing this handler class. We d like to use the templating power of ASPX without using full HTML documents.
Before we look at automating our deployments, we need to configure our server to host an ASP.NET MVC website.
The methods responsible for adding and removing the event handlers must follow a naming convention defined by the Microsoft Ajax Library:
Monitoring events and actions
<transactionManager type="JDBC"> <dataSource type="SIMPLE"> <property /> <property /> <property /> </dataSource> </transactionManager>
a pseudo 3D distortion. The DropShadow effect merely adds a shadow underneath the node tree it is connected to. This gives our keys a floating 3D effect. The createRow() function manufactures a row of nodes from a sequence of letters, using a function passed into it (createLamp or createKey). Its code begins the final part of this source file, as shown in listing 9.7.
in the distributed application. This folder should not contain any test code, such as unit tests. All source will be contained within the org.apache.ibatis.jgamestore base package. Each package beneath the base package categorizes components of the application. The subpackages will be as follows:
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