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This is similar to Ninject, so we have to keep around an instance of IWindsorContainer. Notice our RegisterControllers method. It looks for all types in the assembly that implement IController and sets the lifestyle to Transient. We ll initialize this in Application_Start by calling
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As with most delegate classes, it s important to implement all of these methods in your class. Doing so ensures that your application responds correctly in any circumstance. Now that you know how to record audio, the next step is to play it back. The next section will discuss the method for playing your recordings as well as any other audio files in your application.
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In .NET, all of your code and data values appear inside objects. Pretty much everything you see in a running program is an object: a Windows form is an object; a listbox control on that form is an object; and a single item in that listbox is an object.
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TFS collections
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List<Category> categories = getAllCategories(); List<Item> items = seller.getItems(); for (Item item: items) { for (Category category: categories) { category.getItems().remove(item); } } entityManager.remove(seller);
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writer.setViewerPreferences( Sets viewer preferences PdfWriter.PageModeUseOutlines); for bookmarks; PdfOutline root = writer.getRootOutline(); Gets root of PdfOutline movieBookmark; outline tree PdfOutline link; String title; List<Movie> movies = PojoFactory.getMovies(connection); for (Movie movie : movies) { title = movie.getMovieTitle(); if ("3-Iron".equals(title)) title = "\ube48\uc9d1"; movieBookmark = new PdfOutline(root, Adds first-level new PdfDestination(PdfDestination.FITH, bookmark with writer.getVerticalPosition(true)), internal link true ); movieBookmark.setStyle(Font.BOLD); link = new PdfOutline(movieBookmark, new PdfAction( Adds second-level bookmark with String.format(RESOURCE, movie.getImdb())), external link "link to IMDB"); link.setColor(BaseColor.BLUE); new PdfOutline(movieBookmark, Adds second-level PdfAction.javaScript(String.format(INFO, bookmark with movie.getYear(), movie.getDuration()), writer), JavaScript action "instant info"); document.add(new Paragraph(movie.getMovieTitle())); document.add(PojoToElementFactory.getDirectorList(movie)); document.add(PojoToElementFactory.getCountryList(movie)); } document.close();
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Evaluates the categories property datamatrix open
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The root element of a WSDL document is the <definitions> element. Usually, a WSDL document declares all the XML Namespaces used in the root element. In the previous example, the <definitions> element makes four XML Namespace declarations:
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This query uses an implicit association join. For an explicit ordinary join in the from clause (not a fetch join), we can re-express it as follows:
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Message Queue
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Server Extended Control
3. The event handler runs
} } }.start(); }
attractive, depending on how you manage the display. In this case, you can see the controls jump around when you click Submit, which probably isn t what you want, so after you ve played with it a bit, go back and changed the controls to Static. Take a look back at Example 5-1. Notice the comment that says the else clause will never be reached. Recall that the validation occurs client-side. If the page is not valid, it is never even posted to the server and the server-side code does not run (unless, of course, you set the CausesValidation property to false, as described at the beginning of this chapter). You can make your pages a bit friendlier for your users by placing the focus on the first control that fails validation. To do so, add the SetFocusOnError property to each validation control and set it to true (the default is false):
// A reference to Joe, Harry's number one Firefighter joe = new Firefighter { Name = "Joe" }; // Firefighter harry is really a firechief, with joe as his NumberOne FireChief harry = new FireChief { Name = "Harry", NumberOne = joe }; Firefighter harryAsAFirefighter = harry; // Harry is just a firefighter, so he can extinguish fires // but as a firechief he gets joe to do the work harry.ExtinguishFire(); // While as a firefighter he does it himself harryAsAFirefighter.ExtinguishFire();
This function has a lot going on, so let s break it down for each step. The link itself is passed into the function, and we need to retrieve the box element to put the speaker details in, so we use the jQuery $() along with a CSS selector to retrieve it B. We then show a spinning indicator to let the user know that something is happening. Next, we have to fade out the box if it s already visible. This makes use of the :visible jQuery filter. To retrieve the JSON object for the speaker details, we have to use the same URL as the link, but we need to replace the format to specify json, so we use a regular expression to do the replacement for us. Finally, we issue an Ajax GET request for the URL C. The callback for this Ajax operation is the next function, loadSpeakerDetails, shown in listing 12.12.
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reports 257 Required 168 RequiredLocalException 168 RequiresNew 167 168 <resin-ejb-xml > 63 <resource-ref> for a data source 80 <resource-ref > 80 result sets 126 retrieving an environment variable 134 retrieving and using a persisted EJB reference 20 retrieving information about entity data sets 122 retrieving multiple entity beans in a single step 95 RMI 5 <role-link> 233 <role-name> 66, 232, 236 rollback 171, 173 174, 182, 189 190 rollback recovery 174 rollbacks 170 message-driven bean 225 rolling back the current transaction 170 RollingFileAppender 260 261 rootLogger 250 <run-as> 239 runCactusTest 296 <runservertests> 295, 297 RuntimeException 176, 185
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