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We ll populate these private members through the class constructor.
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Data Sets Versus No Data Sets
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To properly understand how the database view controller works, recall the menu format we introduced a few pages ago. Remember that each row of the menu has an individual ID (the catid) and a parentid that indicates what lies above it in the menu hierarchy. There s also a title, which lists what the menu row says; a category, which indicates whether it leads to a new menu or is an end result; and an ordering variable. You use all that information in putting together your table view. The database view controller is called multiple times by your project: once per menu or submenu. Each time, the initWithParentid:Menu: method identifies what level of the hierarchy to draw from the menu that s enclosed B. For example, if the parentid is 0, the top-level menu is drawn; if the parentid is 2, the menu that lies under entry (catid) 2 is drawn. The sole purpose of the init is to save that information. You then have to fill in the standard table view controller methods. The count of sections is always 1 C. The number of rows is calculated from the database, using the SKMenu s countForMenuWithParent: method D . tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath: is the first somewhat complex method E. After the standard setup of the cell, the method looks up the title to be placed in the menu row. It then determines whether the menu row is a category; this affects whether the chevron accessory is placed. Finally, tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath: does the fancy work F. If the cell isn t a category, it doesn t do anything. (You ll probably change this when creating another program, because you may want results to result in some action; this could be a great place to introduce a new protocol to respond when a result row is selected.) If the cell is a category, magic happens. The database view controller creates a new database view controller, on the fly, using the same old menu; but the current catid becomes the new parentid, which means the new view controller contains all the rows that lie under the current row on the hierarchy. The new database view controller is then placed on the navigator controller s stack, using the navigation methods you learned in chapter 7. Figure 9.1 shows how all this fits together, using the database you created at the beginning of this section. There s one thing missing from this example the app delegate.
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A common example of why transactions are important is a bank funds transfer. Consider two bank accounts owned by Alice and Bob, as shown in table 7.1.
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Return result DOM. Result DOM
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Implementing the PdfPTableEvent interface
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The set accessor (sometimes called a setter ) sets the value of a property. When you define a set accessor, you must use the value keyword to represent the argument whose value is assigned to the property:
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Previously, we had defined our key sequence in the HTML. Now it is defined as a global JavaScript array. The assignKeys() method examines all the top-level DIV tags in the document, to see if the className contains the value musicalKeys. If it does, then it tries to populate that DIV with a working keyboard, using the makeKeyboard() function. makeKeyboard() simply creates new DOM nodes and then manipulates them in the same way as listing 4.4 did for the declared DOM nodes that it encountered. The playNote() callback handler operates exactly as before. Because we are populating empty DIVs with our keyboard controls, adding a second set of keys is simple, as listing 4.5 illustrates.
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Script variables
Example A-62. The solution to Exercise 21-1 (continued)
IBAction .m file implementation definition
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J2EE web services component model Since J2EE web services are built upon open standards, vendor tools can generate much of the code and supporting XML descriptions of your web service automatically for you. This allows you to concentrate on the specific service being implemented, rather than the details of SOAP messaging and WSDL. For example, BEA s WebLogic product will generate the WSDL for your web
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