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Mapping persistent classes
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Table per Subclass
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Now that you have the completed AddressType class, how do you use it Like most things related to persistent classes and Hibernate, you edit the mapping definition to inform it of the UserType implementation:
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Type.registerNamespace('Samples'); Samples.Collection = function() { this._innerList = []; this._events = null; }
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@Asynchronous @Override public Future<String> hashAsync(final String input) throws IllegalArgumentException, EncryptionException { // Get the real hash final String hash = this.hash(input); // Wrap and return return new AsyncResult<String>(hash);
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Implementing Inheritance
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static CalendarEvent[][] GetEventsByDay(CalendarEvent[] allEvents, DateTime firstDay, int numberOfDays) {
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Dim bookXML As XDocument = _ XDocument.Load("books.xml") Dim fromXML = From bx In bookXML...<book> _ Select bx.<title>.Value ShowResults(fromXML) ' Results --> Anna Karenina ' Ben-Hur ' Peter Pan ' War and Peace
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In this section, we will use the C# reflection support to read the metadata in the MyMath class. The reflection system defines numerous classes, each designed to provide information about a particular kind of metadata. For example, the ConstructorInfo provides access to all the metadata for a constructor, while PropertyInfo gives us the metadata for a property. Our custom attribute in Example 17-1 can be applied to a wide range of targets, so we re going to encounter several different metadata types. However, all of our supported targets have something in common they are all things that can be members of classes. (That s plainly true for properties, methods, fields, and constructors. Our attribute can also be applied to classes, which seems like an exception because they re often not members of other types, but the point is that they can be.) And so, the metadata types for all our supported target types derive from a common base class, MemberInfo.
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Listing 10.10 uses the TextChangedExtender control to refresh an UpdatePanel control each time the user stops typing in the text field for one second.
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Building business logic with session beans
How much information to log, and how noisy the output is (via log levels)
Plane int numEngines string jetOrProp + Bank( ) + GainAltitude( )
A SQL Map DAO implementation example
Now that you have the reference, you need to add some using statements to take advantage of them in your program:
import java.awt.*; import java.util.*; import javax.swing.*; import pattern.worker.*;
At the heart of any enterprise application lies its business logic. In an ideal world, application developers should only be concerned with defining and implementing the business logic, while concerns like presentation, persistence, or integration should largely be window dressing. From this perspective, session beans are the most important part of the EJB technology because their purpose in life is to model high-level business processes. If you think of a business system as a horse-drawn chariot with a driver carrying the Greco-Roman champion to battle, session beans are the driver. Session beans utilize data and system resources (the chariot and the horses) to implement the goals of the user (the champion) using business logic (the skills and judgment of the driver). For this and other reasons, sessions beans, particularly stateless session beans, have been popular, even despite the problems of EJB 2. EJB 3 makes this vital bean type a lot easier to use. In chapter 1 we briefly introduced session beans. In chapter 2 we saw simple examples of these beans in action. In this chapter, we ll discuss session beans in much greater detail, focusing on their purpose, the different types of session beans, how to develop them, and some of the advanced session bean features available to you. We start this chapter by exploring some basic session bean concepts, and then discuss some fundamental characteristics of session beans. We then cover each type stateful and stateless in detail before introducing bean client code. Finally, we examine session bean best practices at the end of the chapter.
Scope and Lifetime
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