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First we compile the program without aspects and see the output:
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Not all bridges can cope with the idea of converting the object value into a string. Some bridges need more control and require access to the underlying Lucene API.
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Kept the persistence logic behind an interface that doesn t belong to the UI project Leveraged action filters so that no single controller is responsible for knowing how to interact with IVisitorRepository Created a partial view to own the layout of the recent visitors Delegated to the partial view from the master page so that individual views don t have to care about rendering visitor information
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Automated performance testing with JUnitPerf
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It s difficult to see how it could be meaningful to have two identical rows in a query result, so if you think duplicates are likely, you normally use the DISTINCT keyword:
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Description Name of the primary key class if used. Set to TRUE if you want to exclude firing of the default listener for the entity. Set to TRUE if you want to exclude firing of the superclass listener for the entity. Defines the entity listeners for the superclass. Name of the prepersist method in the entity class. Name of the postpersist method in the entity class. Name of the preremove method in the entity class. Name of the postremove method in the entity class. Name of the preupdate method in the entity class. Name of the postupdate method in the entity class. Name of the postload method in the entity class. Defines the attributes/persistence fields of the mapped class.
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Problems arose when the customer revealed that the index was actually warehoused in a storage area network (SAN) that fed a 10-node server cluster. A typical SAN configuration is shown in figure 11.5. This cluster provided index query access for the user along with additional functionality. Their concern was that this would become an nnode problem. As the number of cluster nodes (n) grew, it would have been counterproductive to copy the index (sourceBase) from the SAN to each of the nodes of the cluster (indexBase). The SAN was faster, and the copying would generate much more network traffic than desired. As n increased, so would the traffic and maintenance of the copies.
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var seqSrc = [ 1..3 ]; def seqDst = bind for(x in seqSrc) { x*2; } insert 10 into seqSrc; // seqDst == [2,4,6] // seqDst == [2,4,6,20]
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public class Bid { ... private Item item; public void setItem(Item item) { this.item = item; } public Item getItem() { return item; } ... }
It needs an available SMTP server; the default is localhost; this usually works on a Unix system, but not a Windows box. When declaring the task, always specify the mailhost attribute from a property, even if the default is simply localhost, so that other users can override it. Also, unless delivery of the message is central to the build process, set failonerror="false" to keep the build alive if a mail server is not available. The simplest use of the <mail> task is to send notification messages:
13.2.2 The PDF file structure Figure 13.2 shows two PDF files opened in Notepad++. Extra lines were added to identify the different parts. In general, a PDF has four parts:
Helpers, help me help you!
The class used to play media items is MPMusicPlayerController. It gives you total control over the built-in iPod on the device. When initializing a new MPMusicPlayerController, you have two options for interacting with the iPod. The first way limits the iPod playback to your application. When you choose this method of playback, the iPod will stop playing as soon as your application exits. The other allows you to invoke the global iPod application. Exiting your application won t cause the iPod to stop playing. The following code snippet details how to initialize the MPMusicPlayerController:
@Target({TYPE, METHOD, FIELD}) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface EJB { String name() default ""; Class beanInterface() default Object.class; String beanName() default ""; }
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