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Example 6-1. Abstract Factory pattern example code (continued)
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One source of confusion for novice Java programmers is release names and versions. Since 1995 Java has been through many revisions. In the beginning it was simple; the first commonly used version of Java was 1.02, which was succeeded by 1.1 shortly thereafter. Someone then apparently decided 1.2 didn t sound important enough, so Java acquired the nom de plume Java2. Thus we got Java2 Standard Edition version 1.2, more commonly written as J2SE v1.2. This schizophrenic naming convention continued until version 1.5, when it was replaced by a new schizophrenic naming convention; Java2 reverted to Java once more, and 1.5 became 5.0; however, due to technical issues the 1.5 label continued to be used as a kind of internal version number in some places. (It is left as an exercise for the reader to guess what medication the people who came up with the above may have been on.) Java SE 6 Update 14 (or later) is the version of the Java platform currently recommended for writing and running JavaFX software on Windows. On the Mac, later revisions of Java 5 may work, with minor issues and inefficiencies. Support for older versions enables a wider potential user base on the Mac, where JVM/JRE releases have sometimes trailed Sun s own release schedule. Since JavaFX really tries to push what s possible in the realms of graphics and media, it s recommended that you install as recent a version of Java as you can get your hands on. Not only do later revisions have bug fixes, but they often feature even better graphics performance and so are always preferred over older versions. If you re running an old JVM/JRE, why not make JavaFX your excuse for upgrading
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9.3.1 The @hibernate.many-to-one tag
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Antipattern: Eavesdropping
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The first extensibility point of actions is through an ActionFilter. This extensibility point allows you to intercept the execution of an action and inject behavior before or after the action is executed. This is similar to aspect-oriented programming, which is a technique for applying cross-cutting concerns to a code base without having lots of duplicate code to maintain. The easiest way to implement an action filter is to create a class that inherits from ActionFilterAttribute, although it s also possible to override methods on the Controller class itself. Figure 9.3 shows the methods of ActionFilterAttribute that can be overridden to modify an action. This attribute implements the IActionFilter and IResultFilter interfaces, each of which provides different extensibility points.
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7.6.1 Solving the n+1 selects problem
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<property name="description" column="`DESCRIPTION`"/>
Wow! There s a lot going on under the hood of the EJB container. But because the client always accesses its bean instance indirectly through the container, it s
The Stack
unzip Used to unzip the deployment package originally checked in to source
Antipattern: Golden Hammers of Session State
CType Method
NANP 198 National Data Buoy Center. See NDBC Native Developer Kit. See NDK native library, building 508
to initiate a dial action H. The final portion of the JavaScript interface is a function named SetSearchTerm. We ll discuss this further when we examine the WebViewClient. For now, note that this function obtains a reference to the application s global class named WTApplication I. With this reference the passed-in string is assigned as a search term J. Remember that some functionality implemented in the JavaScript handler may require you to add entries to the application s manifest file. For example, the PlaceCall method relies on the application having the android.permission.CALL_PHONE entry in the AndroidManifest.xml file. Now that you ve defined the JavaScript implementation class, let s look at how this code is invoked. To do that, we need to jump over to the index.html file.
21.1 Creating a basic area
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