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The name of the table in which the associated instance resides The identifier of the associated instance
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8: Inside Methods
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See Appendix A for details about how to copy a web site.
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catch (final TaskExecutionException tee) { // Unwrap throw tee.getCause(); }
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C either 0, 90, or 90. This modifies the orAnnounce <span>, which is set to the starting value at startup D. Changing a CSS file or some other minor element would
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Table 8.8 <iterate> tag attributes The property of the parameter containing the list. This value is used to prepend to the tag s resulting body content. The prepend value will not be prepended (a) when the tag s resulting body content is empty; (b) if the tag is the first to produce body content and is nested in a tag with the removeFirstPrepend attribute set to true; or (c) if the tag is the first to produce body content following a <dynamic> tag with a prepend attribute value that is not empty. This value is used to prefix to the tag s resulting body content. The open value will not be prefixed if the tag s resulting body content is empty. The open value is prefixed before the prepend attribute s value is prefixed. For example, if prepend="OR " and open="(", then the resulting combined prefix would be "OR (". The close value is used to append to the tag s resulting body content. The append value will not be appended if the tag s resulting body content is empty. This is the value used in between the rendering of the list values to the SQL statement. The removeFirstPrepend attribute value defines whether the first nested content-producing tag will have its prepend value removed.
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We can now use this method to translate parameter values before we set them. Setting a parameter is easy. The setParameter() method of the TypeHandlerCallback interface takes two parameters. The first, ParameterSetter, gives you access to a number of setter methods, each of which works for a different data type. For example, there is a setString() method, a setInt() method, and a setDate() method. There are too many to list here completely, but rest assured that almost any Java data type you re familiar with will probably have an associated set method. In our case, the data type in the database table is a VARCHAR, so we ll use the setString() method of the ParameterSetter. The second parameter is the value we re passing to the database that needs to be translated. In our case, we will be receiving the boolean value from the enabled property from our User class. Here s the code for our setParameter() method that uses our convenient booleanToYesNo() method that we wrote earlier:
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First, you want to show an alert box saying, Think before you print! B. Then you want the Print dialog box to open with only the current page selected C. That can be done using this JavaScript function.
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Specifying stateful bean business interfaces works in almost exactly the same way as it does for stateless beans with a couple of exceptions. Stateful session beans support local and remote invocation through the @Local and @Remote annotations. However, a stateful session bean cannot have a web service endpoint interface. This is because SOAP-based web services are inherently stateless in nature. Also, you should always include at least one @Remove annotated method in your stateful bean s business interface. The reason for this will become clear as we discuss the stateful bean lifecycle next.
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Basic path commands
Testing the user interface
Behind the scene graph
To give you some sample data to play with, let s create a Java class that you will use to populate your database in section 4.2.3. Your event loader (shown in listing 4.6) will connect to the session factory, create some events and locations, and save them to the database. Listing 4.6
The class maintains a static list of all current users. We use the built-in SortedList class here from System.Collections.Generic and index it with a string, which is the user s name. The constructor enters this SpaceBook object into the collection under the given name. There are two Add methods: one for the user and one to add to another user s pages. Then there is the popular Poke method, which enters a fixed message on another page.
Isolation For the two upper squares, the group is isolated: it doesn t interact with the backdrop. For the two lower squares, the group is nonisolated: the group composites with the backdrop. Knockout For the squares at the left, knockout is set to true: the circles don t composite with each other. For the two on the right, it s set to false: they composite with each other.
De ning a Class
Centralizing file-reading code
The entire content of this chapter has been building to this very moment, the section where I reveal the winner of the next presidential election. Wait! Even better than that, I will use one of the .NET hashing methods to encrypt an administrator-supplied password before storing it in the database. One of the tables in the Library database, the
var projected = events.Select(ev => ev);
Stamp, line, and rectangle annotations
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