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Only if parameters have if (param()) been submitted { $data = GD::Graph::Data->new(); $start_date = param('start_month').'/'.param('start_year'); $end_date = param('end_month').'/'.param('end_year'); open(IN, '../Charts/SOI.data') or die "Can't read SOI.data:$!"; while(<IN>) { next if /^#/;
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3: Snappier Web Sites with AJAX
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Table 2.2 Profile MIDP PDAP
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The computer instance is persistent (attached to a session), and the childCategories association has cascade save enabled. Hence, this code results in the new laptops category becoming persistent when tx.commit() is called, because Hibernate cascades the dirty-checking operation to the children of computer. Hibernate executes an INSERT statement. Let s do the same thing again, but this time create the link between Computer and Laptops outside of any transaction (in a real application, it s useful to manipulate an object graph in a presentation tier for example, before passing the graph back to the persistence layer to make the changes persistent):
Scope and inheritance can be useful features when defining a domain model. Unfortunately, JavaScript doesn t support either natively. That hasn t stopped people from trying, however, and some fairly elegant solutions have developed. Doug Crockford (see the Resources section at the end of this appendix) has developed some ingenious workarounds that enable both inheritance and scope in JavaScript objects. What he has accomplished is undoubtedly impressive and, unfortunately, too involved to merit a detailed treatment here. The syntax that his techniques require can be somewhat impenetrable to the casual reader, and in a team-based project, adopting such techniques should be considered similar to adopting a Java framework of the size and complexity of Struts or Tapestry that is, either everybody uses it or nobody does. I urge anyone with an interest in this area to read the essays on Crockford s website. Within the world of object orientation, there has been a gradual move away from complex use of inheritance and toward composition. With composition, common functionality is moved out into a helper class, which can be attached as a member of any class that needs it. In many scenarios, composition can provide similar benefits to inheritance, and JavaScript supports composition perfectly adequately. The next stop in our brief tour of JavaScript objects is to look at reflection.
The iPhone viewport
Listing 2.6 The simplest SQL Map ever
Unit testing continuously integrated code
Also, despite the fact that it s generating foreign key constraints, MySQL only supports foreign keys if you are using the InnoDB table types. So check the documentation for MySQL on which table types you are using.
Setting up a Subversion source control server
// Assert all's as expected final String assertionMessage = "The Employee Manager/Reports relationship was not as expected"; Assert.assertEquals(assertionMessage, 3, peonsForManager.size()); Assert.assertTrue(assertionMessage, peonsForManager.contains (alrubinger)); Assert.assertTrue(assertionMessage, peonsForManager.contains (carloDeWolf)); Assert.assertTrue(assertionMessage, peonsForManager.contains (jaikiranPai)); Assert.assertEquals(assertionMessage, bigD, alrubinger.getManager ()); Assert.assertEquals(assertionMessage, bigD, carloDeWolf.getManager ()); Assert.assertEquals(assertionMessage, bigD, jaikiranPai.getManager ()); // Clean up the associations so we can remove things for (final Employee peon : peonsForManager) { peon.setManager(null); } peonsForManager.clear(); // Return return null;
<listener class="auction.persistence.MyLoadListener"/> </event> </session-factory>
Capturing media
Constructing a PdfPTable object Exploring the properties of a PdfPCell object Adding tables to the Document object
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