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The Call Stack
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ErrorToString function
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Using Java Persistence in EJB components
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private boolean useLinks=false; private String currency = "USD";
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Transparency is very complex matter, but let me try to select the most important rules from chapter 11 of ISO-32000-1: A given object shall be composited with a backdrop. Ordinarily, the backdrop consists of the stack of all objects that have been specified previously. The result of compositing shall then be treated as the backdrop for the next object. However, within certain kinds of transparency groups, a different backdrop may be chosen. During the compositing of an object with its backdrop, the color at each point shall be computed using a specified blend mode, which is a function of both the object s color and the backdrop color ... Two scalar quantities called shape and opacity mediate compositing of an object with its backdrop ... Both shape and opacity vary from 0.0 (no contribution) to 1.0 (maximum contribution) ... Shape and opacity are conceptually very similar. In fact, they can
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Case study
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Each WPF application uses a distinct namespace, defined by the Microsoft XAML schema, and you can add your own objects to that namespace. XAML contains several elements for positioning other elements within the application, including the Grid and Stackpanel elements. You can set the properties of XAML elements in the Properties window, or by editing the XAML directly. Event handlers for WPF elements are kept in a code file, written in C# or another .NET language. Resources allow you to define properties for use by any appropriate element in the application. Resources require you to define a key in the current namespace so that you can refer to them later in the application. A Style element, which can be defined on an element or as a resource, can contain a number of Setter elements that define specific properties of the target element. Routed events in WPF can be associated with triggers, which can change the properties of elements in response to events. Triggers can be defined on individual elements, or as resources. Animation elements are contained within Storyboard elements. There are different animation elements depending on the type of the value that the animation is changing. A trigger can contain a storyboard action, which can contain a storyboard element, but a trigger cannot contain a storyboard by itself. Many triggers can be declared completely declaratively, without needing to write any C# code. The DataContext property allows an element to access a data source. Your skills have come a long way from where they were at the beginning of the book, through the various pieces of the C# language, and now into Windows applications in a couple of different ways. There s still one major piece of the development puzzle that we ve left untouched, though: handling data. You saw in the Presidential Browser application in this chapter that you had to handcode the URLs for 20 images into the Resources section of your application; that s a real pain. It would have been much easier if you could have read the information directly from a repository of some kind. Fortunately, many such repositories are available, from simple XML files to full-fledged SQL databases, and C# can access many of them. We ll spend the final two chapters of this book looking at how to access data from C#, first with ADO.NET and then with the newer Language Integrated Query (LINQ) methods.
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OOP in Visual Basic and .NET |
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as after release), it isn t advisable to use externals. Let s say you re ready to deliver the software to the end user. You must tag both the client project and the referenced project. The same thing applies to branching: if you branch one project, the external reference stays unchanged, and you must branch and re-reference it manually. After the project is released, you may want to switch to referencing compiled libraries. It will be much easier to manage the files in a lib directory than to use external references. The external definitions are also read by the CI servers. If you use them, you can be sure that the CI server will be able to read and resolve the externals without any problem.
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<add name="Console" type="System.Diagnostics.ConsoleTraceListener, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089" initializeData="true" />
Listing 7.14 Demonstrating the RangeQuery numeric value ordering problem
These modules clearly make dealing with strings and aligning them a lot easier. No more calculations of bounding boxes, translations, rotations and such, or at least a lot less. You simply come up with the coordinate that you want the string to align to, 208
602 | Appendix F: Java Persistence APIs: Employee Registry Example
The Show method displays a modeless form. Modeless forms can be accessed independently from all other forms in the running application. All modeless forms can be activated at any time just by clicking on them; the form you click on will come to the front of the others and receive the input focus. A program might have one, two, or dozens of modeless forms open at once, and the user can move between them freely. Modal forms take control of all input in the application for as long as they appear onscreen. Modal forms are commonly called dialogs ; the user must complete a modal form and close it before any other open forms in the application can be accessed. The message box window that appears when you use the MsgBox function is a common modal dialog window. The ShowDialog method displays forms modally, and lets you return a value from that form. The values returned are the members of the System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult enumeration. If you think of forms as works of literature by Alexandre Dumas, modeless forms would be a lot like The Three Musketeers: All for one and one for all. They work with one another in support of the entire application. Modal forms are akin to The Count of Monte Cristo. Yes, there are other forms/characters in the application/story, but they are nothing when the Count is in view. To display the Count that is, a modal form use the form s ShowDialog method, and optionally capture its return value.
Advising thread creations
In other words, Take always returns an IEnumerable<CalendarEvent>, even if we ask for only one object. But this works:
It generates this output:
start the replacement; both of these are common requirements in text processing. Fortunately, StringBuilder has a family of Replace methods which address all of these issues, performing an in-place replace with optional start index and number of replacements to make. Remember that we had the code shown in Example 10-73.
Ant plays well on any platform that supports Java, but it also plays well with any software development methodology in use. Regardless of the higher level processes in place, we all, as Java developers, need a tool that facilitates the mundane error-prone tasks involved in building a Java project from source code to end product. Two such popular methodologies are eXtreme Programming and the Rational Unified Process, and there are several other variants of these. How does Ant fit into these methodologies
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