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namespace Example_5_15_ _ _ _The_Modulus_Operator { class Program {
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Sparse arrays
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If you didn t complete chapter 1, you can find the AW.Portal.Data assembly in the chapter 1 section of the resources website for this book.
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Listing 8.6 shows how to use a parameter tag in a select statement.
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Products ProductAvailability ProductImages
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The onMessage() method is where all the business logic goes. As messages arrive, the container passes them to the MDB via the onMessage() method. When the method returns, the MDB instance is ready to process a new message.
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<class name="User" table="USER"> <composite-id name="userId" class="UserId"> <key-property name="userName" column="USERNAME"/> <key-many-to-one name="organization" class="Organization" column="ORGANIZATION_ID"/> </composite-id> <version name="version" column="VERSION" unsaved-value="0"/> ... </class>
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XDoclet requires the use of Ant, a build tool from Apache, which you can find at http://ant.apache.org. This chapter assumes that you have a working knowledge of Ant, including writing build.xml files for compiling and packaging your EJB files. If you have not used Ant for a build system, you can find specific recipes for those tasks in chapter 9. Specifically, XDoclet relies on the Ant task <ejbdoclet/>. Once inserted into the build.xml, the <ejbdoclet/> task allows you to specify subtasks for file generation, method construction, and more. Tasks execute a section of code within Ant. Ant contains many predefined tasks for such jobs as generating documentation and compiling, but it lets you build your own tasks as well. In fact, the <ejbdoclet/> task is a custom task that executes certain code in the XDoclet library. For this book, we used XDoclet beta version 1.2. Table 2.1 lists the JAR file dependencies needed by this version of XDoclet, as well as the URL for their download. The JAR files listed in table 2.1 must be in the classpath of the <ejbdoclet/> task added to your build.xml file before you execute the <ejbdoclet/> Ant task. (Some of the JAR files will not be needed if you don t use certain features of the 1.2 version of XDoclet.)
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Sockets represent all data as bytes. (Or more precisely, octets, which are 8-bit bytes. Back in the old days, some computers used other byte sizes, and you occasionally come across evidence of this for example, some parts of the Internet email system guarantee to transfer 8-bit bytes, and may truncate your data to seven bits per byte.) The Daytime Protocol specification says that the service will return text using the ASCII encoding, so we need something that can convert a stream of bytes containing ASCII into a .NET string. Example 13-23 does this.
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What if the blinking lights, emails, and sirens aren t doing the job How about something more intrusive Send an SMS message to every team member.
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Returning the right result is straightforward it s like the normal ViewResult, but we have to supply the destination type, CustomerInfo (which is our presentation model) B. Our helper function C does the heavy ViewData and TempData lifting. In the next section we ll lighten our controller even further using an application bus and a simple abstraction around a common controller theme: controlling storyboard flow for success and failure.
19.2 The Quartz context
Gets source code from SVN
10: Behavioral Patterns: Visitor, Interpreter, and Memento
In our Widget-related provider constants class, we first extend the BaseColumns class. Now our class has a few base constants, such as _ID. Next, we define the MIME_TYPE prefix for a set of multiple items and a single item. By convention, vnd.android. cursor.dir represents multiple items, and vnd.android.cursor.item represents a single item. We can then define a specific MIME item and combine it with the single and multiple paths to create two MIME_TYPE representations. After we have the MIME details out of the way, we define the authority B and path for both single and multiple items that will be used in the CONTENT_URI that callers pass in to use our provider. Callers will ultimately start from the multiple-item URI, so we publish this one C. After taking care of all the other details, we define column names that represent the variables in our Widget object, which correspond to fields in the database table we ll use. Callers will use these constants to get and set specific fields. Now we re on to the next part of the process, extending ContentProvider.
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