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net.CommandQueue.prototype.addCommand=function(command){ if (this.isCommand(command)){ this.queue.append(command,true); } } net.CommandQueue.prototype.fireRequest=function(){ if (this.queued.length==0){ return; } var data="data="; for(var i=0;i<this.queued.length;i++){ var cmd=this.queued[i]; if (this.isCommand(cmd)){ data+=cmd.toRequestString(); this.sent[cmd.id]=cmd; } } this.queued=new Array(); this.loader=new net.ContentLoader( this.url, net.CommandQueue.onload,net.CommandQueue.onerror, "POST",data ); }
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Creating lists and combo boxes
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Samples of other arrays include
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In a command shell, start the server by issuing the following command. You should start the server on port 10000. If that port is unavailable, try another port. The ea option to JVM ensures that assertions are enabled:
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Then you import the native methods that you want to call:
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function referencing the local variable, an implicit execution context or scope is created to allow the reference to be maintained after the enclosing function exits. (See appendix B for more on closures.) This lets us implement handling of the Ajax response by calling a first-class method on our ajaxHelper object. Finally, we send the Ajax request. Note that the array we created in step 1 is passed to a method named queryString that converts it to a single string. That string becomes the body of the Ajax request. The queryString method isn t really part of the public contract we discussed earlier, but it s a helper method that keeps the code clean and readable. Let s take a look at it in listing 9.8.
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prise applications with distributed objects, but would in no way guarantee good performance. We began to see best practices appear in many different places. Ironically, many best practices were simply remedies for problems that existed in the frameworks. Others provided solutions to common performance problems inherent in any distributed system. Readers of Bitter Java recognize these programming traps as antipatterns. The J2EE community was growing so rapidly that many sample applications and early tutorials created in the formative Java years were never updated sufficiently to take advantage of the J2EE best practices. As with any new promising complex technology, many projects failed to take advantage of new optimizations. The seeds were sown for a future EJB backlash.
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EJB internals
Implementing the domain model
Default Index action
Using local storage with BLOB storage
Listing 4.23 ColumnTable.java
Figure 3.7 Client A and Client B use different DTOs. This approach severely inhibits the reuse of code between client applications, even within the same application. Second, it requires dual maintenance as a single change in the interface can hit all DTOs.
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As we have seen, the Abstract Factory pattern handles families of products and keeps their details independent from the clients. As such, it is ideal for generating different layouts and multiple-look-and-feel user interfaces. It can also be successfully applied for portability across operating systems, where the sense of what is required is the same open file, close window, etc. but the events and consequences differ.
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