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Creating advanced view controllers
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their related type, but also by any code anywhere in the same assembly. Now that s friendly.
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16: Throwing and Catching Exceptions |
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In order for this BroadcastReceiver to fire and receive this Intent, the BroadcastReceiver is listed in the AndroidManifest.xml file, along with an appropriate intentfilter tag, as shown in the following listing. This listing contains the elements required for the application to respond to an incoming text message.
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Appendix C: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
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The temporary dynamicSession that is opened with getSession() doesn t need to be flushed or closed; it inherits the context of the original Session. You use it
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Dim tastyFood As New Sushi With { _ .FishName = "maguro", .ServingCost = 3.5@}
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Description Primary key; automatically assigned. Required. Name of this subject. Required.
package org.example.antbook.test; import com.meterware.httpunit.*; import junit.framework.TestCase; public class HttpUnitTest extends TestCase { private String url; public HttpUnitTest(String name) { super(name); }
A subsequent advantage was that Vista, the successor to Windows XP, used the same approach. At the time, it was a long way around to get Windows forms, but the adaptation paid off later. In 2004, the backend of the Views engine was ported by Basil Worrall to QT4, a graphics toolkit running on Linux. Immediately, all applications that were using Views for GUI programming became independent of Windows and could run with the Mono .NET Framework on Linux. The Views engine was therefore a pluggable adapter. (Our paper describing the approach is referenced in the Bibliography at the end of the book.)
You don t need to know exactly what this configuration means, but it basically points your InitialContext to a JNDI registry running in the local virtual machine (remote EJB client calls would require a JNDI service that supports remote communication). By default, you look up the MessageHandler bean by the name of an implementation class, with the /local suffix for a local interface. How EJBs are named, how they re bound to JNDI, and how you look them up varies and can be customized. These are the defaults for the JBoss server. Finally, you call the MessageHandler EJB and let it do all the work automatically in two units each method call will result in a separate transaction.
A JPA provider just executes SQL statements as JDBC statements and does not track whether the SQL statement updated data related to any entities. You should avoid using SQL INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements in a native query because your persistence provider will have no knowledge of such changes in the database and it may lead to inconsistent/stale data if your JPA provider uses caching.
Printing Tickets
DataSet myDataSet = new DataSet( );
Query query = em.createQuery( "SELECT s FROM Seller s WHERE s.createDate <= 1"); ... List sellers = query.getResultList(); Iterator i = seller.iterator(); while (i.hasNext()) { Seller seller = (seller) i.next(); Seller.setStatus("Gold"); }
For a one-to-many relationship, it may lead to removal of multiple rows, which could have a negative impact on performance. Many databases support enforcing a CASCADE DELETE constraint on tables:
is used to persist another object. Most of the time, you can use a component instead of a custom user type. Typically, the only time you must use a custom user type is when you want to change how an object is persisted. This section discusses creating and using custom user types.
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