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Figure 8-4. Trusty Bank organizational structure
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*/ @Entity(name = "TABLEPERCLASS_EMPLOYEE") public class Employee extends Customer { //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Instance Members --------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * ID of the Employee */ private Integer employeeId; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Accessors / Mutators ----------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * @return the employeeId */ public Integer getEmployeeId() { return employeeId; } /** * @param employeeId the employeeId to set */ public void setEmployeeId(final Integer employeeId) { this.employeeId = employeeId; } }
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This four-word query is pretty much the shortest LINQ query you can write. I stored the results of the query in the bookBag variable (with its data type inferred by the query), but the query can also be used directly as an expression.
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Listing 7.10 Displaying a popover view when a button is pressed
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CI server basics Choosing the right CI server Setting up CruiseControl.NET, TeamCity, and TFS Team Build Discussing build triggers Checking some extended capabilities of CI servers
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Finally, we use the properties by name using a syntax that will be familiar to many people:
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If load() can t find the object in the cache or database, an exception is thrown. The load() method never returns null. The get() method returns null if the object can t be found.
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Figure 8.32 Running the HiSmallWorld MIDlet on the Palm OS device results in similar behavior as seen in the HiSmallWorld Spotlet developed with Jbed earlier. However, the user interface does have a little different look (see figure 8.26 for comparison).
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You want to query your persistent system for information about entity data without creating entity beans or using JDBC.
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11.4.3 Adding the JS external library
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Library providing a full-text search engine implementation
of common words like the, of, a, an, and so forth. These words are eliminated when the index is built and will affect the slop distance. You may not get the results you expect. This design anomaly has caught the authors more than once. Before moving on to third-party contributions, we want to look at one more utility that can make your life a little easier. Let s examine what a spellchecker can do for you.
integrate with a Microsoft-based environment just because we all use SOAP and HTTP to communicate The short answer is yes, with some work potentially required. It is true that SOAP and HTTP bring us a lot closer to an open services environment. However, there are some details to be tripped over when integrating a foreign web service into your environment. These details concern the encoding of the actual data carried within SOAP messages, not the messages themselves. Mapping primitive data types between a Java and COM environment is not particularly challenging, but the same cannot be said about such complex types as software objects. To communicate, both parties in a SOAP communication must speak the same encoding language, having agreed to the structure and interpretation of the data payload in each message. This can be more complicated than it appears. For example, the WebLogic 6.1 SOAP implementation can only handle the types shown in table 4.1. This means that you must somehow serialize any complex object to XML or a JavaBean containing its constituent primitive types as properties for transport. In simple scenarios (which most web service interactions should be), communicating with a .NET web service should be easy. This simple scenario refers to the passing of data types explicitly handled by the SOAP encoding rules. For data types that fall outside these bounds, an agreed-upon encoding mechanism and the software objects to do the encoding and decoding between platforms will be required.
During the deployment process, the application server determines the module types, validates them, and takes appropriate steps so that the application is available to users. Although all application servers have to accomplish these goals, it s up to the individual vendor exactly how to implement it. One area where server implementations stand out is in how fast they can deploy the archives. While vendors are free to optimize their specific implementation, they all follow the specification s rules when it comes to what is required to be supported and in what order the loading occurs. This means that your application server will use the algorithm from figure 11.1 when attempting to load the EAR file that contains modules or archives from table 1.1. Before we delve into how EJB components and entities are packaged, let s briefly discuss what class loading is and how it works in the Java EE environment.
instance (a subclass of ActionResult) that contains public properties on which assertions can be performed in a test. The RedirectToRouteResult also contains an Execute method that s used to perform the redirect. In listing 4.7, we set up a unit test for this code along with fake implementations of the dependencies on which the RedirectController relies.
Most of the examples in this chapter involve running Ant and MySQL from the command line. They should work roughly the
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