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shoppingCart.ArticleAdd += new EventHandler(shoppingCart_ArticleAdd); if (!Page.IsPostBack) { List<Book> books = BusinessLayer.GetBooks(); listBooks.DataSource = books; listBooks.DataBind(); } }
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If you run this program, you will not get the same results as you did in the preceding exercise. Use the debugging tools you just learned about to find the error. Correct the error, and then run the program again to see whether the results are correct. Exercise 9-3. Type the following program into Visual Studio, or download it from the book s website:
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public override object BindModel (
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A TextField/Slider mashup
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Why use iBATIS
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Hosting Silverlight applications in BLOB storage
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Section 4.1.3
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public void SendMessage(string messageText)
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1. Community networking systems such as Facebook support groups that people can join. Each group has a title, administrative members, a group type (open/ closed), and a list of related groups. Otherwise, a group operates just like an ordinary page. Reorganize the SpaceBook application (Example 2-3) so that SpaceBooks and different sorts of SpaceGroups are prototypes. 2. Write a simple system that manages external courses offered by the Department of Tourism Management (e.g., Scenic Spots, Historic Sites, Local Cuisine, Meeting the People, and so on). Identify the attributes that each course should have length, price, topics, etc. and set them all up as prototypes with a manager. Then, create a little test program that enables users to select a course, get a copy of it, and fill in details to enroll for the course.
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This root element of the build file defines the project name and base directory from which all other paths in the file will be built. The default=run attribute specifies that the target named run within the project will be invoked by default if no other target is specified on the command line. This is a task definition for the custom task we build later, in section C.3. As we will see, there are two ways to make your custom task classes available within an Ant project. These are the project target definitions. The depends attribute lists other targets that should be evaluated before this one, allowing you to build a dependency tree among targets. For example, if you invoke Ant to run the compile task,
public interface EncryptionCommonBusiness { /** * Encrypts the specified String, returning the result * * @param input * @return * @throws IllegalArgumentException If no input was provided (null) */ String encrypt(String input) throws IllegalArgumentException; /** * Decrypts the specified String, returning the result. The general * contract is that the result of decrypting a String encrypted with * {@link EncryptionCommonBusiness#encrypt(String)} will be equal * by value to the original input (round trip). * * @param input * @return * @throws IllegalArgumentException If no input was provided (null) */ String decrypt(String input) throws IllegalArgumentException;
language src Defines the language (required). [String] Load the script from an external file; optional. [String]
Query q = session.createQuery("from Item item join item.bids bid"); Iterator pairs = q.list().iterator();
tx.commit(); em.close(); return mergedItem; } }
Understanding CDMA
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