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Pattern Comparison
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In the code snippet above we see the markup used to create the CatalogZone shown in figure 5.12. The code shows that the Employee Details web part is contained within the WebPartsTemplate of the DeclarativeCatalogPart. It is worth noting that web parts that are declared in the DeclarativeCatalog can be instanced on a web page any number of times. For example, let s say that you open the Declarative Catalog shown in figure 5.14 and add the Employee Details part contained within it to WebPartZone1. After you do so, the Employee Details web part will still appear within the Declarative Catalog, and can still be added to the page. Therefore a page can contain many instances of web parts that are declared within this type of catalog. The DeclarativeCatalog is therefore an ideal place for web parts that you d like to add multiple times such as a web part which allows images to be added to a page or a web part that allows a user to enter and display arbitrary chunks of HTML on a page. ImportCatalogPart The last of the CatalogParts is the ImportCatalog. The ImportCatalog provides users with a way to import web parts into a web application by browsing for web part description files and then importing them. The web part description files are the XML files we discussed in chapter 4 when we looked at the import/export process from the WebPartManager perspective. In addition to enabling users to search for web part definition files and import them, the ImportCatalogPart also lists web parts previously imported by a user. Existing web parts are displayed in the lower part of the interface for the ImportCatalogPart as shown in figure 5.15.
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Observer Pattern |
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Table 12.4 Playback control methods for MPMusicPlayerController Method play pause stop beginSeekingForward beginSeekingBackward endSeeking skipToNextItem skipToBeginning skipToPreviousItem Description Starts or resumes the iPod s playback of the current media item. Pauses the playback if the player is currently playing. Stops the playback if the player is currently playing. Moves playback forward at a faster than normal rate. Moves playback backward at a faster than normal rate. Stops seeking and resumes playback. Starts playback of the next media item in the playback queue. This method ends playback if it s already at the last item in the queue. Starts playback of the current media item at the beginning.
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Prepare mocks for listening
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@Stateless public class PaymentDAO { @PersistenceContext EntityManager em;
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At this point we ve finished with what we consider our basic introduction to the SDK. Since this is an introductory SDK book, it s been our main goal to show you all the fundamentals before we set you lose in the wilds of iPhone programming so that you have the building blocks that you need when you begin programming on your own. To briefly review them all:
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Entity Relationships
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If you added the Toolkit controls to the Toolbox, you need to drag one onto the Visual Studio Designer to have the @Register directive automatically added to the web page. As an alternative, to avoid registering the AjaxControlToolkit assembly in every page, you can register it globally by adding the following code to your website s web.config file, under the system.web element:
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<%@ Master Language="VB" CodeFile="SalesMasterPage.master.vb" MasterPageFile="~/CorpMasterPage.master" Inherits="SalesMasterPage" %> <asp:Content runat="server" ID="SalesMasterContent" ContentPlaceHolderID="cphCorpMaster"> <table> <tr> <td> <h3>Sales Department Master Page</h3> Put information here to display on all the Sales pages. <br /> <br /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <asp:ContentPlaceHolder runat="server" ID="cphSalesContent"> Default content for Sales </asp:ContentPlaceHolder> </td> </tr> </table> </asp:Content>
This means that not all UI elements are controls. In fact, the majority of UI elements are not controls. Having said that, the term control is often used loosely many authors, and even some parts of Microsoft s documentation, use the term control to describe any UI element, including ones that don t in fact derive from Control. To further confuse the issue there s a System.Windows.Controls namespace, in which not all of the types derive from Control. We believe this is confusing, so in this book, we will use the term control only when talking about types that derive from Control. When we re discussing features that apply to all UI objects that derive from FrameworkElement (which includes all controls) we will use the more general term element. But be aware that you will come across other, more confusing conventions on the Web and in other books.
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