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If you want to use, in XML Script, a component defined in a different namespace, you have to declare an XML namespace that tells where to find it. In general, you declare an XML namespace by associating a URI with a prefix. The URI identifies the location of a certain resource, which isn t necessarily associated with a browsable address: It acts as a unique identifier. The prefix is used as a shortcut that refers to the URI. For example, suppose you have a custom component declared as SomeSpace.SomeComponent. Because SomeSpace is a custom namespace, you have to declare an XML namespace if you want to use the component in XML Script. To do that, you have to act on the page element as follows:
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<html> <head> <script type='text/javascript' src='script_earth.js'> </script> </head> <body> </body> </html>
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18.1 An introduction to images
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ASP.NET AJAX client components
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You can also find a number of more complex state changes in the CGContext class reference, but we ve described the ones you re most likely to use in the course of an average program. We re drawing to a close on the topic of graphical state, so let s step back for a moment and look at how graphical state works.
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object identity (continued) object equality compared to 87 scope of 119 120, 172 object models created from business models 61 fine-grained 92 object retrieval by identifier and 139 140 fetching strategies 140, 143 144 Hibernate Criteria API and 140, 142 HQL and 139, 141 native SQL queries and 140 object graph navigation 139 operation tuning 151 optimizing 286 293 QBC and 142 QBE and 143 techniques, list of 139 with Session 129 object states detached 118 detection of, change in 383 persistent 117 transient 116 types of 116 object/relational mapping (ORM) as middleware 23 defined 22 development processes 349 351 full solutions 179 generic problems 25 implementations 116, 118, 383 387 levels 24 maintainability 27 metadata format of 75 object-level locking and 177 overview 23 performance 28 persistence lifecycles and 116 problems in 143 productivity 27 reproduction from DDL schemas 351 triggers combined with 339 vendor independence 28
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package org.jboss.ejb3.examples.ch18.tuner; import javax.ejb.ApplicationException; /** * Denotes that Channel 2 is not currently available for viewing * * @author <a href="">ALR</a> * @version $Revision: $ */ @ApplicationException // Denotes that this exception type should be returned to the client as-is, not wrapped public class Channel2ClosedException extends Exception { //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Class Members -----------------------------------------------------------|| //--------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /** * serialVersionUID */ private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; /** * The sole instance, this type has no state */
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Graphics: Quartz, Core Animation, and OpenGL
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} }
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We ve identified the functional requirements, defined the data elements necessary to satisfy those objectives, and selected the preferred deployment platform. The next section examines the high-level solution to the application s requirements.
context, affine transform
if (connPool.putConnection(connection) == false) { connection.close(); }
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