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you ll see output similar to this:
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This chapter covers
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Much like testing basic persistence, you can also do tests to verify that your queries work correctly. The general rule to follow involves putting a few objects into the database, some of which should be returned and others that will not. This allows you to avoid both false positives and negatives, where a query returns either too much or too little data. Assume for a moment that you want to test the findEventsFor() method from the EventDao class in chapter 8, which looked like this:
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Listing 13.14 The CD entity used in the XML SAX parser example
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JavaScript classes in 89 94 debugging in Visual Studio 2005 516 520 disabled 133 files, deploying 122 injecting during partial postback 258 260 proxy 31 simplifying development 58 71 XML comments in 447 449 JavaScript file loading with ScriptManager 306 JavaScript object type descriptor 384 JavaScript Object Notation See JSON javascript scheme 381 join method 60 JSON 6, 86, 89, 153, 176, 304 and animation 365 369 array 305 creating animations 358 data 87 hijacking 158 parser 87 serialization 17 serializing array 338
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<%@ Control Language="C#" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewUserControl" %> <% if (Request.IsAuthenticated) { %> Welcome <b><%= Html.Encode(Page.User.Identity.Name) %></b>! [ <%= Html.ActionLink("Log Off", MVC.Account.LogOff()) %> | <%= Html.ActionLink("Profile", MVC.Admin.Profile.Show(Html.Encode(Page.User.Identity.Name)))%> ] <% } else { %> [ <%= Html.ActionLink("Log On", MVC.Account.LogOn())%> ] <% } %>
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Regardless of the version of IIS used, not every file in your solution needs to exist in the final server destination. Those familiar with Web Forms deployments know not to deploy code-behind files. The same holds true for MVC deployments. For an MVC-only website, these are files needed:
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<query> <query-method> <method-name>findByUserId</method-name> <method-params> <method-param>java.lang.String</method-param> </method-params> </query-method> <ejb-ql> <![CDATA[ SELECT OBJECT(a) FROM Booking AS a WHERE userId = 1 ]]> </ejb-ql> </query> </entity> </enterprise-beans> <assembly-descriptor> <container-transaction> <method> <ejb-name>BookingAgent</ejb-name> <method-name>*</method-name> </method> <trans-attribute>Required</trans-attribute> </container-transaction> <container-transaction> <method> <ejb-name>Booking</ejb-name> <method-name>*</method-name> </method> <trans-attribute>Required</trans-attribute> </container-transaction> </assembly-descriptor> </ejb-jar>
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mediaPickerDidCancel: is called when the user presses the Cancel button in the toolbar. Typically, you want to hide the MPMediaPickerController from this method. When a media item has been selected, the mediaPicker:didPickMediaItems: method of the delegate automatically is called with an MPMediaItemCollection containing the selected item. An MPMediaItemCollection is a sorted set of MPMediaItems.
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Now for something that exploits the expression language facilities; check out listing 3.24.
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9: Security and Personalization
much like the tab bar controller, and you ll see familiar elements, such as the title of the view controller creating the title within the navigator. The biggest difference is that whereas the tab bar controller presents a modal paradigm, entirely organized by the controller, the navigation controller creates a hierarchical paradigm. The navigation controller doesn t have any particular sense of the organization of the entire structure. Instead, a linked list is created, with each navigation item knowing only about the pages on either side of it.
This chapter covers
After glancing at the object model, we conclude that the association from Bid to Item is a many-to-one association. Recalling that associations are directional, we would also call the inverse association from Item to Bid a one-to-many association. (Clearly, there are two more possibilities: many-to-many and one-to-one; we ll get back to these possibilities in chapter 6.) In the context of object persistence, we aren t interested in whether many really means two or maximum of five or unrestricted.
query.setMaxResults(50); query.setFirstResult(50); List items = query.getResultList();
public class PearExample extends JPanel { Ellipse2D.Double circle, oval, leaf, stem; Area circ, ov, leaf1, leaf2, st1, st2; public PearExample() { circle = new Ellipse2D.Double(); oval = new Ellipse2D.Double(); leaf = new Ellipse2D.Double(); stem = new Ellipse2D.Double(); circ = new Area(circle); ov = new Area(oval); leaf1 = new Area(leaf); leaf2 = new Area(leaf); st1 = new Area(stem); st2 = new Area(stem); } public void paint(Graphics g) { Graphics2D g2 = (Graphics2D)g; double ew = 75; double eh = 75; g2.setColor(Color.GREEN); leaf.setFrame(ew - 16, eh - 29, 15.0, 15.0); leaf1 = new Area(leaf); leaf.setFrame(ew - 14, eh - 47, 30.0, 30.0); leaf2 = new Area(leaf); leaf1.intersect(leaf2); g2.fill(leaf1); leaf.setFrame(ew + 1, eh - 29, 15.0, 15.0); leaf1 = new Area(leaf); leaf2.intersect(leaf1); g2.fill(leaf2); g2.setColor(Color.BLACK); stem.setFrame(ew, eh - 42, 40.0, 40.0); st1 = new Area(stem); stem.setFrame(ew + 3, eh - 47, 50.0, 50.0); st2 = new Area(stem); st1.subtract(st2); g2.fill(st1); g2.setColor(Color.YELLOW); circle.setFrame(ew - 25, eh, 50.0, 50.0); oval.setFrame(ew - 19, eh - 20, 40.0, 70.0); circ = new Area(circle); ov = new Area(oval); circ.add(ov); g2.fill(circ); } }
26: Project Complete
Our build file fragment using this task is:
Figure 7.1 Dashcode includes a top bar (top) for important buttons, a navigator (left) for getting around your web page, and a canvas (right) to show off your content. ABOUT THE TOP BAR
keyPressed(int keyCode) keyReleased(int keyCode) keyRepeated(int keyCode)
<property name="initialPrice" column="INITIAL_PRICE" not-null="true"/>
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