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10.2.1 Creating an installer using W iX
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public int[] sqlTypes() { return SQL_TYPES; }
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If you re using LINQ2SQL or LINQ2Entities with a SQL Server database, and you don t need to return the entire entity, you might choose to write a more efficient LINQ query that only requests and returns specific columns from the SQL Server Database. The following SQL statement requests just the Name and Description properties:
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simultaneously test UAT and performance to reduce overall delivery time. Note that testing cycles can be iterative when necessary.
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19.4.2 Taking a photo
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Description Polish notation The common arithmetic and logical formula notation Reverse Polish notation
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Change the color of all neighboring pixels that match the color of the pixel at coordinates (x, y) to the color specified by the fill argument. If the bordercolor argument is present, the color value is changed for any neighboring pixel that is not that border color. The image attribute fuzz influences which colors will be seen as the same as the specified colors. See also MatteFloodfill().
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1.6 Resources
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You can, of course, also use the XML-based configuration for this. This example isn t realistic, because most application servers that provide a connection pool through JNDI also have a JNDI implementation with a writable default context.
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Web Services-Interoperability (WS-I)
The responder chain
} else if ((movementMask & MOTOR_C_BACKWARD) == MOTOR_C_BACKWARD) { motorC.setBackgroundResource(R.drawable.downarrow); MoveMotor(MOTOR_C,-motorPower); Send command to motor
12.4.7 PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures (PAdES) profiles
After we set the new class, we need to create a timer to call the next step. The setTimeout e method has two parameters. The first is the function or JavaScript statement to execute, and the second is the amount of time in milliseconds before it is executed. In this case, we are going to call our SetClass() function with the incremented state of our class. The timeout is set to our global variable, flipLength, which we declared in section 13.3.1. The else portion of our script handles the situation when we have looped through our five CSS classes and applied them to the div. First, we remove the CSS Class f from our div. The default opacity is 100 percent and allows the div to cover the other one completely with nothing showing through from the bottom layer. We increment the currentMessage g variable, allowing the next message to be loaded. We check to see if that message number h is greater than the number of messages contained in our array arrayMessage. If it is greater, we set the current message back to the start. The timer is restarted to load the next message i after our set period of time. The setTimeout method calls our function, ChangeView(), and our global variable, flipLength, determines the length of time. In order for this to execute, we make sure that our global variable, bPaused, is not true. We will be coding the pause feature of this script in section 13.5.2. The transition effect of the slideshow is now complete. We can test what we have created so far and see if it works. If everything is working correctly, we should see the page-loading counter slowly increasing as the files are being loaded into the script, and the first message should begin to fade in. As you can see in figure 13.9, there are two different messages in the viewer since the one is slightly transparent. The current message (6) is displayed in the header, and we are able to see that in total 31 messages were loaded. Now, all we have left to do is add the pause, back, forward, and add functionality to our viewer.
var TradingMode=new Object();
Configuration CDC
comment file label localpath nocache nocompress password projectpath Comment to apply to all files being labelled; optional, only valid in SOSLabel. [String] File name to act upon; optional. [String] Labeled version to operate on in SourceSafe. [String] Override the working directory and get to the specified path; optional. [Path] Flag to disable the cache when set; optional, needed if SOSHOME is set as an environment variable. [Boolean] Flag that disables compression when set; optional. [Boolean] SourceSafe password; optional. [String] SourceSafe project path without the $ prefix; required. [String]
Solution to Exercise 18-1. Create a Windows application that displays the word Hello in a label, and has a button that changes the display to Goodbye . This exercise is similar to the Hello World exercise from earlier in the chapter. You ve seen how to add a Label control and a Button control, and how to change their Text and font properties accordingly, so setting up that much is simple. What you need now is an event handler to change the text of the label when the button is clicked. You ve seen how to set the Text property elsewhere in this chapter, so that s not too hard. Here is the event handler for the button:
IEnumerable<Book> resultsAuthor = from testBook in bookList where testBook.Author == "Jesse Liberty" select testBook;
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