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Any form identified as your project s startup object appears automatically when the program begins. All other forms need to be displayed manually, using either the Show or the ShowDialog method of that form. For instance, if you have a form called Form2, you can display it using its Show method:
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context.lineCap = 'round';
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VALIDATING One of the many ways that XML parsers are differentiated is by whether the VS. NONparser is a validating or non-validating parser. A validating parser compares VALIDATING an XML document s definition (otherwise known as its document type defPARSERS
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<buildnumber> <bunzip2>
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Creating and testing layered applications
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Dictionaries are extremely useful tools, because the situations they deal with anyplace something is associated with something else crop up all the time. They are so widely used that it s helpful to look at some common concrete examples.
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What would you like to do now Move Attack Stop Run Panic Thank you for playing "The State Game" */
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// Get a reader to the default mock template file final BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new FileReader(template File)); // Read 'n Write String line = null; while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) { writer.write(line); writer.write(NEWLINE); } // Flush and close writer.flush(); writer.close(); reader.close();
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Helping O/R frameworks to use the EJB 3 JPA
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The Service Bus is a cool piece of technology that allows you to message with applications that aren t necessarily running in the Azure data centers. If you have a custom, proprietary service that you need to continue to host, but you want to use Azure for all other aspects of your service offering, then the Service Bus is a good way to integrate with those services. The Service Bus is effectively an Enterprise Message Bus that s hosted in the cloud. We ll explore in more detail what this means and look at a couple of key scenarios where you could use this technology in chapter 17.
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Table A.8 is a list of the basic Lucene query types accompanied by a brief description. For a comprehensive listing consult the Lucene Javadoc package.
Using the flipside controller
Using your view controller
EJB 2 supported entity beans with bean-managed persistence (BMP), where the code was developed using an API such as JDBC for persisting bean instances. BMP was quite popular initially because CMP implementations from most application servers were not stable. It was also useful when applications required nonrelational data. However, there are some inherent issues with BMP, such as N+1 problems. Unfortunately, there is no clear migration path for BMP entity beans to EJB 3. This translates into what seems like a dead end for BMP entity beans. As EJB 3 requires support for EJB 2, BMP entity beans will be supported in EJB 3 containers. If you re using BMP entity beans with a relational database, we recommend you consider migrating these to use the EJB 3 JPA. Otherwise, you may have a huge support issue lurking in your code base!
life of an application thread also provides better performance compared with needlessly creating multiple Sessions. Next, let s look at how you ll use the ServiceLocator class with the Service Layer pattern. In chapter 7, we introduced the EventDao class, which extends the AbstractDao class. AbstractDao retrieves the Hibernate Session from the HibernateFactory class, which we also introduced in chapter 7. The problem with HibernateFactory is that it is not thread safe. In this example, you ll extend AbstractDao so that it takes advantage of the ServiceLocator class. Listing 8.10 shows the new AbstractServiceLocatorDao implementation. Listing 8.10 AbstractServiceLocatorDao using the ServiceLocator class
You can get more ambitious, though the where clause can dig further into the structure of the XML. The fourth query s where clause lets through only those elements whose child EmailAddress element has a particular value:
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