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</relationships> </assembly-descriptor> </ejb-jar>
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Configuring the TeamCity Windows Tray Notifier for the currently logged-in user
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All Item objects returned by this query are in persistent state, but no snapshot for automatic dirty checking is enabled in the persistence context. Hibernate doesn t persist any modifications automatically, unless you disable read-only mode with session.setReadOnly(object, false). You can control how long a query is allowed to run by setting a timeout:
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You re going to build a second web application now, and it ll be a bit more complicated than the Hello World sample in chapter 1. This new website isn t going to have a lot of functionality, just a bit of XHTML and a cascading style sheet (CSS), with some simple code. You aren t going to be using any databases or advanced topics. Your goal is to make sure that the SDK and tools are installed correctly, and to learn the general workflow of working with a web application in Azure. The one-page website that you re going to create lists the different shirts available at Chris s Hawaiian Shirt Shop. In addition to walking through the basic workflow, we ll also show you that in many scenarios, running a website in Azure is like running a website on your own server, and that it s as easy, if not easier, to deploy it. We re going to walk you through only the pertinent code; you can review the complete code listing in the sample code provided with this book.
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Optimizing fetching and caching
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Implementing the server: VB .NET
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Visual Basic supports inheritance, the joining of two classes in an ancestor-descendant relationship. To implement inheritance, define the base class, and then add the derived class using the keyword Inherits. What a surprise!
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The <copy> task It seems somewhat ironic that one of Ant s core deployment tasks is also one we have been using for a long time: <copy>. If you are deploying to a network server whose file system you can access, you can just copy the files with a simple <copy> command. It is obvious that this works against local NFS or CIFS shares, but on some development platforms you can use copy to deploy to a WebDAV server. On Windows XP, for example, you can just mount the remote server
If you want to see how that table view works, you can now go back into Interface Builder and click the table view to get its details. As shown in figure 13.5, it s already got connections created for its dataSource and delegate properties. At this point, you could compile your program, but the result would be pretty boring; consisting only of an empty list. Next you need to fill that table with content.
When we receive the WebPartDescription, we extract its Title property and call off to a second overload for the GetWebPart method. This method has been created especially for our class, which accepts a path to the file where we have the XML description file stored. Once we have a file path, we need only load the XML file into an XMLTextReader and pass it the WebPartManager class, which knows how to convert the XML into a web part instance. Naturally, we could implement any logic for creating web part controls within the GetWebPart method based on the WebPartDescription that is passed in. We could fetch the web parts as XML from the filesystem as we have here, or we could fetch the XML from a web service. As a matter of fact, the GetWebPart method could even load assemblies directly using Reflection. There are no limits to what the GetWebPart method can do, as long as it accepts a WebPartDescription instance and returns a WebPart instance. Sometimes the GetWebPart method needs to return a control that does not inherit from the WebPart class. For example, if we wrote a custom gallery that could store any standard ASP.NET controls, it would be up to the GetWebPart method to wrap the server control within a GenericWebPart before returning it. So far, all is looking good! We ve set out to create a catalog part that could be used from within multiple applications and now we are almost finished. We ve created the catalog part and provided it with methods that allow it to read web parts in and out of a central location. Additionally, we ve provided a property which would allow an administrator to configure the exact location for web parts storage. In the few steps remaining we ll add the few lines of code required to have our catalog part display its web parts in the CatalogZone. Displaying the web parts The final method to be implemented when inheriting from the abstract CatalogPart class is called GetAvailableWebPartDescriptions. This method is responsible for returning a WebPartDescription for each of the web parts within
We decide that angles should be specified in radians, and colors are specified as strings starting with a # , and containing 3 pairs of two characters with a hexadecimal value between 00 and FF. This color specification is like the one used for SVG and for HTML. We will put the class of modules that implement this interface in the Canvas::Polar name space. This name space is generic enough that it isn t tied to the clock alone, but could be extended with methods for drawing pie charts or anything else that works nicely in polar coordinates. In the next sections we ll develop this interface for GD and Image::Magick. Appendix C contains code examples for other output. 10.1.3
Mixin inheritance (mixin)
If you are logged in but have not yet entered any profile data, the default values will display, which are a blank string for string values and 01/01/0001 for the date.
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