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A new transient object item is instantiated as usual B. Of course, you may also instantiate it after opening a Session; they aren t related yet. A new Session is opened using the SessionFactory C. You start a new transaction. A call to save() D makes the transient instance of Item persistent. It s now associated with the current Session and its persistence context. The changes made to persistent objects have to be synchronized with the database at some point. This happens when you commit() the Hibernate Transaction E. We say a flush occurs (you can also call flush() manually; more about this later). To synchronize the persistence context, Hibernate obtains a JDBC connection and issues a single SQL INSERT statement. Note that this isn t always true for insertion: Hibernate guarantees that the item object has an assigned database identifier after it has been saved, so an earlier INSERT may be necessary, depending on the identifier generator you have enabled in your mapping. The save() operation also returns the database identifier of the persistent instance. The Session can finally be closed F, and the persistence context ends. The reference item is now a reference to an object in detached state. You can see the same unit of work and how the object changes state in figure 9.4. It s better (but not required) to fully initialize the Item instance before managing it with a Session. The SQL INSERT statement contains the values that were
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PSMultiValueSpecifier PSSliderSpecifier PSTextFieldSpecifier PSTitleValueSpecifier
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Object/relational mapping metadata
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private void publish(String subject, String content) { TopicConnection TopicSession TopicPublisher Topic TopicConnectionFactory try{ topicConnection = null; topicSession = null; topicPublisher = null; topic = null; Looks up the topic topicFactory = null; factory using the
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In this section, we ll look at how data is partitioned, but we ll leave performance optimization to a later section. In figure 11.1, there were two Server 1 Server 2 tables within a storage account Products Products ShoppingCart (ShoppingCart and Products). As Red Shirt Red Shirt Item 1 Blue Shirt Blue Shirt Item 2 the Table service isn t a relational .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... database, there s no way to join these Blue Frilly Shirt Blue Frilly Shirt Item X two tables on the server side. Because there s no physical depenServer 4 Server 3 dency between any two tables in the ShoppingCart Products ShoppingCart Table service, Windows Azure can Item 1 Red Shirt Item 1 Item 2 Blue Shirt Item 2 scale the data storage beyond a sin.. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... gle server and store tables on sepaItem X Blue Frilly Shirt Item X rate physical servers. Figure 11.3 shows how these tables could be split across the Win- Figure 11.3 Tables within a storage account split across multiple servers dows Azure data center. In this figure, you ll notice that the Products table lives on servers 1, 2, and 4, whereas the ShoppingCart table resides on servers 1, 3, and 4. In the Windows Azure data center, you have no control over where your tables will be stored. The tables could reside on the same server (as in the case of servers 1 and 4) but they could easily live on completely separate servers (servers 2 and 3). In most situations, you can assume that your tables will physically reside on different servers.
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The second @Entity annotation from the Hibernate package extends the JPA annotation with additional options, including dynamicInsert and dynamicUpdate. Sometimes you can avoid generating any UPDATE statement, if the persistent class is mapped immutable.
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Querying persistent objects
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Mini-antipattern: Passing DOM Objects Java applications may pass around XML as document object model (DOM) object trees rather than parsing and marshaling the same data over and over. Though many consider this practice acceptable in certain situations, developers should never pass DOM objects across a remote interface. A problem occurs in the serialization step. Depending on the DOM implementation, the DOM objects may not be serializable at all. When DOM objects are serializable, the client or server may have a different, incompatible DOM implementation or the client or server may not have DOM implementation at all. Applications planning on passing XML remotely or even just serializing it should work with the XML in its text form.
ProductA1 Factory1 Factory2
<p> <% bool hasPermission = (bool)ViewData["hasPermission"]; if (hasPermission) { %> <%=Html.ActionLink("Edit", "Edit", new { username = Model.Username }) %> | <%=Html.ActionLink("Back to List", "Index") %> <% } %> </p>
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